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Strategy Support

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Sharpening Our Focus

Together we're improving existing processes, developing new strategies, and making plans to grow our company.

Sharpening the company's focus.

The Strategy Support department is responsible for helping the Chief Executive Officer develop and implement our corporate strategies and our corporate business plan. The business plan serves as the roadmap to help ensure the future growth and competitiveness of our company. Strategy Support also helps each business unit at Publix develop its own annual business plan. These plans contain key strategies and initiatives, which enable the business units to achieve their growth objectives.

Our Team Structure

The department's role is organized across three primary functions—supporting Continuous Quality Improvement, providing project management for cross-functional teams that plan and implement strategy, and designing process improvements for each business unit.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Strategy Support oversees the company's Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program, which was created to encourage everyone at Publix to work collectively to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and to create openness to change. Our CQI program is essential to making Publix a better company. Since the program's inception, thousands of improvement projects have been completed, netting a considerable savings for Publix. Our CQI program has helped Publix develop a culture of cost containment and has enabled us to remain competitive without compromising the level of service we provide our customers.

Project Management

Strategy Support is also responsible for providing expert project management and team facilitation services to each business unit. Our project managers help to plan and implement business strategies across the entire company as quickly and effectively as possible, while minimizing project expenses. Effective project management helps us overcome the challenges created by our large size and our sprawling market area.

Strategy Support typically leads or facilitates cross-functional teams working on as many as 50-55 strategic initiatives throughout Publix. The following is a small sample of the kinds of initiatives those teams address.

  • acquisitions and new market entries
  • supply chain improvements
  • tests and implementations of new formats or concepts
  • new product lines
  • cost/benefit analyses
  • large-scale regulatory issues
  • labor standards

Process Improvement

Strategy Support also provides services to optimize decision-making throughout the company. This analytical expertise helps Publix measure and improve key business processes. By analyzing the impact that strategic decisions have on sales, labor, and other costs, we help ensure that Publix is achieving the intended benefits.

Our Positions

While most positions are filled through promotions from within Publix, Strategy Support occasionally hires new associates into the following roles.

  • CQI Administrator
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer Assistant
  • Industrial Engineer Intern
  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Senior Industrial Engineer
  • Senior Process Improvement Analyst
  • Strategic Project Manager
  • Strategic Team Leader

How to Apply

Please go to the Publix Jobs Center to begin searching our openings. Click the appropriate link to view openings for Publix associates and non-associates. Click Search Openings and narrow your search by selecting Strategy Support from the Job Category list.

When you apply, your information will be sent directly to the appropriate hiring manager. If your skills and experience seem to match the qualifications of the position that interests you, Publix will contact you for an interview and possible customized testing for that position.

If you have any questions about our application process, please call our Employment Office in:

  • Lakeland (863) 688-7407, ext. 32504 or
  • Atlanta (770) 995-0073, ext. 2153.