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About Publix

Publix Supermarket Store Front

There are many ways to describe an innovator or a seeker of continuous improvement. Dreamer and visionary come to mind. No matter how you refer to them, innovators are fearless. They aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo to make their vision happen.

Mr. George was a dreamer who had equal amounts of drive and determination. He envisioned bringing a luxury experience to the chore of grocery shopping. He was not held back by practical limitations; he was a visionary inspired by the unforeseen possibilities and wonders of technology. His need to innovate and improve upon the typical grocery shopping experience still drives Publix today.

When Mr. George founded Publix in 1930, the first location he opened was much like a general store. But he wanted to create a store with modern conveniences for customers, so over the next decade Mr. George traveled the country to gather innovative ideas he could introduce — ones that no other grocery store in the South had. In 1940, Publix opened its first “food palace” — a marble, tile and stucco store equipped with electric-eye doors, piped-in music, plate-glass windows, self-service meats and a scale customers could use free of charge.

Publix was also the first supermarket in the nation to be completely air-conditioned! And although Mr. George didn’t invent the shopping cart, Publix was the first grocery store in Florida to introduce it, making the transition from a hand-carried basket to a basket on wheels.

Innovation and continuous improvement didn’t stop back then. Read more about the Publix Culture and how we embrace those qualities today!