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Let’s end the injustice. Let’s stand together.

Today, each of us is called to do more. Publix will make a $1 million contribution to National Urban League affiliates across the Southeast as we continue our long-standing support for their civil rights efforts. Please see below for a letter our CEO Todd Jones sent to our associates.

A letter to Publix associates

Dear Publix Family,

The last few months have brought unprecedented challenges to our company and our country. Throughout this time, I’ve been proud of Publix associates, working in our stores, facilities and behind the scenes to do what we have historically done so well — care for each other and our communities.

Today, it’s evident that our support and compassion are required on an even deeper level.

Like you, I’m saddened and unsettled by any racial injustice or events that divide our country. There are many emotions we are feeling — fear, anger, anxiety and impatience. Now, more than ever, is the time for us to listen with open hearts and to lead with empathy — toward each other, toward our customers and toward our communities.

At Publix, we reject racism and discrimination of any kind.

With over 220,000 associates, we benefit from being an inclusive company made up of individuals who look and think differently, with backgrounds from around the country and around the world. Embracing our diversity has driven us toward progress, innovation and excellence for almost a century. This diversity fuels my hope for the future, and all that we will accomplish by coming together as One Publix with One Purpose to care for each other with dignity and respect.

Thanks for all you do.

Todd Jones

Publix values diversity.

Diversity and inclusivity make our company—and our community—better. We value the fresh ideas and unique perspectives a diverse group of people provides. We make it a priority to employ and work with people from many backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and ethnicities.

It's no surprise that being diverse ourselves enables us to better serve a wider variety of customers and support our diverse communities with the right product in the right stores. We thrive as a business because of workforce diversity, including our suppliers. We purchase products from both mainstream and diverse vendors.