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Corporate Purchasing

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Planning What's in Store

Our customers look to Publix for the finest quality and we're here to make sure that's what they find. Every time.

Guaranteeing product quality and value.

Publix is renowned for its customer service and its bright, clean stores. But the quality of the products sold in our stores is equally important to our customers. That's why Publix spends so much time evaluating thousands of new products each year. We want to find the very best ones and price them to provide value for our customers and our shareholders.

Our Duties

Our Buyers, Category Managers, and Business Development Directors not only meet with hundreds of suppliers, evaluate their many products and determine which should be purchased, they also:

  • establish specifications for store-brand products
  • monitor the inventory levels in our warehouses
  • negotiate the purchase price for each product and set the retail price
  • set the product mix for our stores and maintain shelf and case merchandising plans
  • maintain optional products that our stores can purchase to meet unique customer needs
  • develop store-brand items
  • select products to be featured in our many different advertisements
  • develop training manuals to ensure proper handling of fresh products, and
  • develop store department procedural guides.

Our Contributions

With up to 50,000 products in each store, these kinds of decisions have enormous impact on our customers and on our bottom line. In 2012, more than 11,500 of those products were new purchases for Publix.

Our Corporate Purchasing departments include:

  • a Fresh Products team responsible for Deli, Meat, Seafood, Produce, Floral and Fresh Bakery products
  • a Grocery/Non-Foods team responsible for dry groceries including direct store delivered, dairy and frozen foods and non-foods such as health and beauty care, baby, laundry detergent, paper products, pet foods and seasonal products, and
  • a Logistics team, which makes sure the products that have been purchased arrive on schedule, as ordered, and that returns are handled efficiently and effectively. This team also monitors warehouse inventories to make sure new orders don't require more space than is available.

Other members of Corporate Purchasing:

  • help inspect the quality of products that arrive at our warehouses, particularly perishables
  • teach store associates how to properly handle and display products, and
  • work with our various computer systems that support all of the department's communication with vendors, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and stores.

Our Positions

Positions in Corporate Purchasing include the following.

  • Business Development Directors
  • Buyers
  • Category Analyst
  • Category Managers
  • Clerks
  • Dairy/FF and GM Merchandiser
  • Forecaster
  • Planner
  • Quality Specialist
  • Retail Coordinator
  • Retail Improvement Specialist
  • Technical Coordinator
  • Technical Specialist
  • Warehouse Replenisher

We usually fill openings in Corporate Purchasing from within our company, but there are occasional employment opportunities for external job candidates. All candidates, however, must be experts in their field, effective coaches, and passionate about their work.

How to Apply

Please go to the Publix Jobs Center to begin searching our openings. Click the appropriate link to view openings for Publix associates and non-associates. Click Search Openings and narrow your search by selecting Corporate Purchasing from the Job Category list.

When you apply, your information will be sent directly to the appropriate hiring manager. If your skills and experience seem to match the qualifications of the position that interests you, Publix will contact you for an interview and possible customized testing for that position.

If you have any questions about our application process, please call our Employment Office in

  • Lakeland at (863) 688-7407, ext. 32504 or
  • Atlanta at (770) 995-0073, ext. 2153.