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Publix Support Associate

Working Together

The huge team that is Publix is made up of many, many departments, each with its separate function that contributes to the whole of our company's success.

The associates who manage our operations from behind the scenes fall under many different areas of responsibility. Follow the links below to learn more about the specific areas you may be interested in.

Often when you hear people talk about Publix, the benefits package is mentioned—and rightfully so. This department oversees our many benefit programs.

Corporate Purchasing
Think of the sheer number of products in each store and you’ll realize how important the decisions made by these teams are to the bottom line.

It takes four groups in Facilities to accomplish our goals of creating great retail environments and procuring equipment for our fleet, offices, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

From paying our vendors efficiently so supply meets demand to meeting our payroll, our financial teams cover a wide range of tasks vital to our company.

Human Resources
These teams of associates work hard to ensure that Publix is and remains a great place to work.

Information Technology
There's no doubt that modern technology continues to enhance our customers' experience at Publix. And there's no doubt the 1,100-plus IT associates are committed to making that happen.

Legal & Risk Management
Our legal team provides both reactive and proactive legal services ranging from responding to legal matters to developing policies and guidelines. Risk management manages all aspects of associate and customer claims, and insurance.

Loss Prevention
This department is responsible for protecting our company and maintaining a safe environment.

This team of specialists works together to gain competitive advantage for Publix through effective communication with our customers.

Public Affairs
Comprised of six teams, this department’s duties run the gamut from internal communications to relationships with customers, media, community groups, and public agencies.

Real Estate
As you can imagine, a lot goes into choosing the location for a Publix store and these are the teams who do the footwork and provide the analysis behind those important decisions.

Strategy Support
Developing our company business plan and our corporate strategies are the responsibility of three teams, all working toward one goal: growth.