Property Representative

Publix Associate

Property Representatives work hard to make sure our Publix shopping centers, both leased and company-owned, are safe and maintained in a manner consistent with other first class shopping centers in our industry.

How to Apply


Property Representatives act as ambassadors for Publix in the day-to-day operations of company-controlled shopping centers and as liaisons between Publix and the landlords for leased locations. They ensure that leasehold obligations are fulfilled by the Landlord and by Publix. Property Representatives oversee tenant relations, maintenance, security issues, shopping center access, parking problems, environmental issues, noise and odor disturbances, code violations and ADA issues. Property Representatives receive information regarding these shopping center concerns from Publix's business units, government officials, customers and residents of the surrounding community.

Qualifications we look for

  • Associate's degree or equivalent experience
  • Experience in Real Estate property management either with Publix or in a similar environment elsewhere
  • Knowledge of property management principles
  • Knowledge and understanding of the retail environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of legal terminology and practices
  • Knowledge of construction and architectural design as it pertains to maintenance, remodels, signage and renovations
  • Knowledge of State/City/County Ordinances and Codes
  • Knowledge of accounting principles
  • Knowledge of fundamental real estate terminology, methods, and processes
  • Knowledge of potential maintenance issues with properties (roof care, maintenance and replacement requirements, parking lot asphalt care, maintenance, replacement, etc.)

How to apply

Please go to the Publix Jobs Center to see our current openings. Click "YES" or "NO" to the question, "Are you an active Publix associate?" Then narrow your search by choosing Real Estate within the Functional Area selection box.

When you apply, your information will be sent directly to the appropriate hiring manager. If your skills and experience seem to match the qualifications of the position that interests you, you will be contacted for an interview and possibly for testing customized to that position.

If you have any questions about our application process, please call our Employment Office in

  • Lakeland at (863) 688-7407, ext. 32504 or
  • Atlanta at (770) 995-0073, ext. 2153.