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Dec. 5, 2023 — Publix recognized Senior Director of Pharmacy Administration Katie Scanlon with the 2023 President’s Award at the company’s retail operations conference.

Recipients of the award are seen as champions for an inclusive workforce. They go above and beyond to allocate the time and resources necessary to develop the best possible Publix leaders. 

“I try to lead by example, and I have a lot of trust and faith in my team,” said Katie. “I wouldn’t ever ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself. As a team, we celebrate our successes, but we also celebrate our opportunities as a way to continue to learn.” 

Katie highlights the importance of hiring and promoting diverse candidates to her management team. She also communicates with transparency. For example, she has clearly defined criteria for organizational advancement so all associates understand how to succeed and advance in their careers. 

“Our communities are made up of diverse populations, so it is inherently important our team is diverse to ensure we’re looking at things from different perspectives,” she said. “Thinking about others’ viewpoints allows us to provide a higher quality of service and a richer experience for the communities we serve.” 

Katie was speechless when she learned she had been named one of this year’s President’s Award recipients. 

“This honor is a testament to my team, and it shows how far pharmacy has come and how impactful it can be,” she said. “It has been an interesting time to be a pharmacist during a worldwide pandemic, but I think of it as an anchor point for what is next to come. We have provided our communities with the care and support they need during this time and will continue doing so.”

About the honoree

Katie began her Publix career in 2007 as a floating pharmacist in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and was promoted to assistant pharmacy manager the same year. She was promoted to pharmacy manager in 2009 and transferred to support in 2012 as a clinical pharmacist. After holding various positions, she was promoted to director of central and specialty pharmacy in 2018. She was promoted to senior director of pharmacy administration in 2020.

About the President's Award

The President’s Award honors one district manager from each of the company’s five divisions and one support manager who are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In addition, the recipients must be role models to others by who demonstrating exemplary leadership.  

Katie joins Atlanta Division District Manager Sean Franklin, Charlotte Division District Manager Vicki Parker, Jacksonville Division District Manager Abe Gonzalez, Lakeland Division District Manager April Young and Miami Division District Manager Lillian Cook as this year’s President’s Award recipients.