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April 18, 2023 — Publix Super Markets recognized Miami Division Pharmacy Manager Deborah Lolo, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Miami, Florida, with a 2023 Mr. George Community Service Award at the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting.

Lolo has extensive experience in giving back and making an impact in the communities she serves. Born and raised in Haiti, Lolo went back after earthquakes hit the island in 2010 and 2021, to ensure that residents had access to health care and resources.

“As an immigrant from Haiti, I realize how fortunate I am to be here and I am aware of the opportunities afforded to me,” Lolo shared. “I choose to use the skills I’ve gained, my knowledge, education and resources to make a positive impact and help those who need it most.”

In 2021, Lolo went to Haiti as part of a medical mission trip after thousands of people were injured in the earthquake. Lolo and her team set up a mobile clinic in a remote village and provided medical care to residents. 

“There was one woman who was eight months pregnant and had to travel to see a doctor,” she shared. When Lolo spoke to her, the woman said she hadn’t eaten in more than a day. So, Lolo did what she does best — help. She gave her food and supplies. “It really humbled me and reminded me of why it's so important to give back,” she recalled. 

Lolo is very passionate when speaking about what she can give back to people in her communities.

“The most valuable thing I can offer to someone is my time,” Lolo said. “By being present with them, I can truly care for them. I believe that special kindness and compassion can have a significant impact on our lives.”

About the honoree
Lolo started her Publix career in January 2014, as a pharmacy manager. In April 2016, she became the pharmacy manager at Publix’s in-hospital pharmacy at Nicklaus Children’s hospital. . 

About the award
Each year, one associate from each retail division and one support associate are recognized with the Mr. George Community Service Award. These associates are actively involved in their communities, display personal integrity and represent the generous spirit of Publix founder George W. Jenkins. Recipients receive a personalized award, a feature in an internal company publication, dinner with Publix executives, three paid days off and $5,000 donated to the charity or charities of their choosing.

Lolo joins Atlanta Division Store Manager Sefik Gluhic, Charlotte Division Store Manager Tim Bismarck, Jacksonville Division Store Manager Nicole Miller, Lakeland Division Store Manager Billy Ray Drake and Manager of Retail Security Solutions Rick Abbatiello as this year’s Mr. George Community Service Award recipients.