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Publix truck

Working with Publix

At Publix, our mission is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. Toward this mission, we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers better than the competition, provide a superior shopping experience, and ensure that our customers receive a superior value.

Our intention is for these resources to support our approved partners in their critical roles in the achievement of our mission. The resources on this page will provide you access to documents necessary for working with the various business units at Publix.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate Department comprises several key functional areas, including site selection and development, leasing, property management, acquisitions, and dispositions.

Supplier Information

If you are interested in becoming a Publix Supplier, the following links will route you to information about our application processes: Publix Business Connection.

Design & Construction

Retail Facilities Design houses resources for Developers, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors currently working on development of a Publix Super Market store, including forms, plans, and guides.

Retail Construction is responsible for the successful completion of all new store construction, remodels, and special projects for all our geographic regions.

Industrial Construction is responsible for overseeing design and construction projects for our manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and/or office buildings.

Latest Financial News

Get the latest business press releases on Publix stock prices, retail profits, and other tax or financial information.

Presto! Network

Becoming a member financial institution gives cardholders surcharge-free access to over 1,270 ATMs at our store locations in seven states.