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When Mr. George opened the 1st Publix store, he vowed that if his company became successful, he would not be the owner who sat behind a desk all day. So, he was actively involved in his company’s day-to-day operations and routinely

  • visited stores and support facilities
  • attended store openings and
  • celebrated associates at events, recognizing their years of service to the company.

This month, we will celebrate “Be There Day” to reinforce Mr. George’s tradition of being there for associates. Company leaders pick a day to work alongside associates from other departments to gain a better perspective on what they do and their contributions to Publix.

Being there extends beyond the month of June. From our open-door policy to daily conversations, our company leaders are dedicated to listening to and learning from associates.

Today, Mr. George’s legacy lives on through our leaders, who vow to be there for our associates. It’s all part of what makes Publix a great place to work.