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Publix Culture

Our culture of giving provides hope to families in our communities during hurricane season.

When a major hurricane threatens our communities, every part of our company mobilizes, including behind-the-scenes’ associates who put in efforts you might not even think about. We work to support our stores with the help of our

  • emergency response team (ERT). The ERT is responsible for planning and coordinating assistance to keep our company working as efficiently as possible before and after a storm. They make sure every department has the most up-to-date information to share with our stores and customers, such as store hours.
  • corporate purchasing and supply chain planning teams. This team manages a complex supply chain that makes sure essential items are available in stores before and after a storm. This entails buying products in advance and positioning them in locations where we can transport them safely at every phase of a storm. Prior to a storm, they prepare for a surge in demand for all products, and afterward they provide essential items such as water, ice and batteries to areas in the most need.
  • customer care and social media team. This team is responsible for distributing information and interacting with you on our social media platforms, through email and by phone about a variety of storm-related topics.
  • information systems (I/S) team. Our I/S team supports many departments’ efforts before and after a storm. Before a storm, several team members monitor systems. Afterward, I/S associates provide support to stores by quickly restoring lost network connections.
  • corporate communications and human resources teams. The corporate communications team emails information to stores that impacts their ability to provide premier service and operates our internal Publix Emergency InfoLine, which communicates such things as changes to store hours to our associates. The human resources team monitors calls before and after a storm. They work to connect associates affected by the storm to community resources and agencies that can help support them.
  • loss prevention and safety team. As a storm approaches, this team opens up the lines of communication with local and state emergency operations teams. During a storm, they provide Publix leadership with minute-by-minute updates on critical data, such as storm tracking, road closures, power losses, damage reports and curfews. After the storm, they help our store teams get associates to and from work through roadblocks and curfews.
  • facilities, and solid waste and recycling teams. Once a storm has passed, facility services immediately goes into the field to inspect any damage to our stores and arranges fuel deliveries for our generators. Facilities associates provide their leadership with a live, real-time map of store statuses. The solid waste and recycling team ensures stores are clear of waste by having garbage and recycling picked up from as many stores as possible before a storm hits. Afterward, they work diligently to have cardboard and waste removed as stores restock and reopen.

Our service and dedication to our communities extends beyond the aisles. During hurricane season, Publix associates go above and beyond to assist you and their fellow associates.

Publix isn’t just a place to buy groceries, but a beacon of hope to our Publix family — our associates, our customers and the communities we serve.

Listen to this episode of Publix Stories, Be Storm Ready, to learn about our efforts at every stage of storm preparation and recovery.