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Publix Culture

Mr. George, our founder, was a visionary entrepreneur who didn’t limit his inspiration to just visiting other grocery stores. He traveled the country looking for the next exciting convenience or service that would make shopping at Publix a unique and special experience.

Mr. George believed in continuous improvement. He once said, “Every store, we feel, is the best that can be built. And yet we know that even as that front door is unlocked on opening day, there are new innovations on the drawing board for the next store. That’s one of the things that really makes this an exciting business. It’s ever-changing; it’s ever-challenging. There is always the opportunity to grow.”

Today at Publix, innovation is always at the forefront of our thinking. It is a part of our culture because we have:

  • A rich history of innovation. It all started with Mr. George and his openness to exploring and implementing new ideas. Not only did he integrate conveniences like air-conditioning that were seen as luxuries not expected in a grocery store, he understood the value of creating a memorable experience. He dreamed and aspired to the endless possibilities of what a store could be, not what it was like at the time.
  • A platform to submit new ideas. At Publix, this practice of asking the “what is possible” question continues today. We encourage associates to submit continuous improvement recommendations on an idea-sharing platform where other associates can vote and comment.
  • A process to implement new ideas. These creative submissions are reviewed for their feasibility to implement and benefit to Publix. These ideas can streamline processes to make them more efficient for associates and provide better service to customers. They also can increase conservation efforts and reduce waste. The sky is the limit as far as the possibilities for improvement.
  • A system to recognize innovation. Celebrating innovation is a valued part of our culture. An associate who submits an idea that ends up being used is rewarded for it. Additionally, some of the new initiatives and ways of doing things are featured in our internal newsletter. We share how each associate’s idea positively impacts and contributes to the overall success of Publix.

Mr. George understood the importance of continuing to improve and innovate as a company. That continues today as we empower our associates to share their creative ideas, implement them and celebrate their efforts. Because at Publix, we have never stopped looking for the possibilities on the horizon, imagining what could be possible.

This is part of what makes Publix a unique — and great — place to work.