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Our founder, George Jenkins, was a visionary entrepreneur who didn’t limit his inspiration to just visiting other grocery stores. Instead, he traveled the world looking for the next exciting convenience or service to make shopping at Publix a special experience.

Fluorescent lighting. Frozen food cases. Piped-in music. Open dairy cases. All these things seem standard today but were innovative to customers in 1940. Customers traveled far and wide just to enjoy the pleasurable shopping experience.

Mr. George believed in continuous improvement. He once said, “Every store, we feel, is the best that can be built. And yet we know that even as that front door is unlocked on opening day, there are new innovations on the drawing board for the next store. That’s one of the things that really makes this an exciting business. It’s ever changing; it’s ever challenging. There is always the opportunity to grow.”

Innovation is at the forefront of our thinking. At Publix, we encourage new ideas from our associates.

  • Platform to submit new ideas. We ask associates to submit continuous improvement recommendations on an idea-sharing platform, where they can vote and comment on ideas presented by their co-workers. It’s just another way for us to improve together to enhance the customer and associate experience.
  • Process to implement new ideas. Idea submissions are continuously reviewed for their ability to reduce costs and improve processes at Publix.
  • Recognizing and rewarding innovation. Celebrating innovation is a valued part of Publix culture. New initiatives and ways of doing things are highlighted in our internal newsletter so associates can learn how ideas positively contribute to the overall success of Publix.

Mr. George understood the importance of innovation and improvement to his growing company. Today, we still champion that same spirit as we encourage our associates to share their ideas for improvement. We implement ideas and celebrate innovation. At Publix, we’re always looking forward and imagining what opportunities lie ahead.

It’s all a part of what makes Publix a great place to work.