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Publix Culture

Mr. George stated, “Publix will be a little better — or not quite as good — because of you.”

He believed that the future of Publix was in the capable hands of our associates. He valued their perspectives and understood how the diverse backgrounds of our associates contribute to the success of Publix.

He gave our company guiding values to help us along our way.

  • Respect the dignity of the individual is about being open to people, valuing their viewpoint and what they have to say. We can all learn from each other because our lives have brought us different experiences. At Publix, we take the time to engage with associates, seeing their feedback as an opportunity to grow our company. We value the opinions of others with programs for associates to share their innovative ideas.
  • Prepare for opportunity sounds like a personal responsibility, but at Publix, it’s a shared responsibility. Our managers are dedicated to developing our associates. Publix believes in hiring service-minded people, training them and then providing future opportunities, which may include promotion opportunities and access to continuing education programs.
  • Invest in others is about taking the time to actively coach and mentor while maintaining the mutual respect and dignity of the individual. It is seeing the best in other people and focusing on their potential growth. By working together, we are building relationships and making lasting connections. Mr. George also believed associates who worked for the company should be owners, which is why Publix gives associates, when eligible, stock in the company and the exclusive benefit of being able to purchase stock.

Mr. George believed if you take care of your associates, they’d take care of the customers and the rest would take care of itself. He believed in the potential of Publix people, by supporting their aspirations personally and professionally.

This is part of what makes Publix a unique — and great — place to work.