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Publix Culture

This month, take a moment to delight in natural wonder, gaze at clouds or watch ducks cross a pond. Experiencing nature can bring tranquility and calm to a busy day. It can also remind us not to take our natural habitat for granted and inspire us to change our daily habits.

Mr. George, our founder, enjoyed the outdoors as an avid golfer. He also actively embraced the preservation of natural resources. So, it’s no surprise that being intolerant of waste is in Publix’s mission statement.

And our focus on sustainability continues today.

  • Food sustainability
    Publix supports food sustainability, which is more critical than ever because of the increased need in our communities.
    • Since 2011, we have donated more than 773 million pounds of food — totaling more than 644 million meals — for people in need in our communities through our perishable recovery program.
    • In addition, more than 54 million pounds of food waste byproducts from our manufacturing plants were diverted in 2022 from landfills and recycled into animal feed.
  • Energy savings
    We save energy in our facilities by using more efficient technology. LED lighting and motion sensors on refrigerated doorcases in more than two-thirds of our stores save over 100,000 kWh per store each year. And we saw a 24% reduction in electricity consumption in our store operations between 2002 and 2022, saving enough energy to power more than 296,000 homes for 1 year.
  • Recycling
    We work with recycling in mind. In 2022, we recycled more than 616 million pounds of cardboard, 25 million pounds of mixed plastic and 11 million pounds of mixed paper.
  • Fuel conservation
    We conserve fuel by monitoring and improving how our fleet of trucks delivers products to our stores across the Southeast. By adjusting everything from how trailers are loaded to which routes drivers take, to tractor design improvements, we’ve improved the fuel economy of our transportation fleet by 10% since 2012, saving more than 7.6 million gallons of fuel.

At Publix, we embrace sustainable practices while serving our customers. Each year, a portion of proceeds from the sale of reusable bags is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation, which plants trees in distressed watersheds. These trees help clean waterways and restore wildlife habitats.

Last year, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in the western Everglades and the saline glades region in the eastern section of the Everglades National Park began seeing the effects of a portion of our $2 million donation — water has returned to areas that needed it, allowing wildlife to survive and thrive in their natural habitat. And more exciting water stewardship announcements are on the horizon as we continue to do good together.

To learn more about our commitment to our environment, associates and communities, visit our sustainability website.