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Publix Culture

Mr. George, our founder, knew if he took care of his associates and invested in them, they would take care of our customers. This value has supported the growth of Publix and continues today:

  • Relationship building. We make lasting connections with associates, suppliers and customers as we serve our communities. Taking the time to talk with others, to more fully understand them personally and professionally, is a part of our culture.
  • Associate development. We mentor and coach our associates while respecting the dignity of the individual. It is about seeing the best in other people and focusing on their potential growth, especially with our promote-from-within culture. That’s why Publix offers continuous training, GED/tuition reimbursement programs and an internship program.
  • Company ownership. Publix gives eligible associates stock in the company and the exclusive benefit of being able to purchase stock. Mr. George believed associates who worked for the company should be owners.
  • Great benefits. Publix provides associates with job security, health benefits, retirement plans and promotion opportunities. Our associates contribute to the overall success and expansion of Publix every day.

Mr. George understood the importance of investing in associates. It was a value he supported through relationship-building, mentoring, providing the opportunity to purchase stock and ensuring job security to associates.

This is part of what makes Publix a unique — and great — place to work.