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Publix Culture

This year, we're celebrating 85 years of being the premier food retailer our founder — George W. Jenkins — created. His dream was to open a store that was different — a store that operated on a set of values that everyone could feel when they walked through the door. Throughout the year, we’ll share videos and messages about the lessons Mr. George founded our company upon and how we still live them today.

Respect the dignity of the individual

Before he founded Publix, Mr. George worked for a company where he felt like his ideas didn't matter. So he vowed that at Publix, everyone would have a voice. The doors of communication would be open for his associates to their managers. He knew that in an environment of mutual respect and engagement, his associates would perpetuate the kind of culture he wanted to build.

In 1930, he made that dream a reality when he opened the first Publix. He valued his associates and their opinions. And he knew that the respect they had for each other would reflect in the service provided to customers.

This philosophy continues to play a big role in business decisions at Publix. Read more about the Publix Culture and why respecting the dignity of the individual is still crucial to our business today.