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Publix's mission statement, decoded

A company's mission statement should stand the test of time. It should be clear and concise, but provide a good idea of what’s most important to the company. You might have seen or heard Publix's mission statement before, but you may not know the story behind it.

Devoted to the highest standards of stewardship for our stockholders

Being devoted to our company is our job. Company ownership makes Publix unique. As company owners, our associates hold themselves accountable for Publix’s success by identifying opportunities to reduce waste and looking for new products to offer. Our associates are invested in improving our company because we own it — it’s our reputation on the line! And that’s why this point on the mission statement is so important to us

So, what does it mean? It means Publix people are entrusted with taking care of our company and our customers by making decisions that impact everything from product quality and food safety to company initiatives and customer service. Our associates are devoted to doing the right thing every day.

Our founder, Mr. George, said, “Tomorrow, Publix will be a little better, or maybe not quite as good, depending on each one of us.” And that’s what this part of our mission statement is all about. As company owners, our associates take care of Publix because they own it.

Check out how one associate lives the mission.