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Publix Culture

Stories from Be There Day

Mike, Distribution

My Be There Day experience provided an opportunity to spend a day with the store manager of 1531 in St Petersburg, Florida. I shadowed him as he went through his daily activities including walking the exterior grounds and each store department, ensuring best practices were being followed in all areas. Along the way, we greeted associates and customers, making ourselves available to assist them or answer any questions. I also learned about how he monitors reports to measure the performance of his store and each department. I enjoyed meeting the many dedicated Publix associates from store 1531. I was even more thrilled to assist some customers and help make their shopping experience a pleasure. Not only did I get a chance to connect with the store’s associates but, I also gained a better understanding of how our stores operate and how distribution can better serve them.

Susan, Human Resources

I had the opportunity to spend the day with the superintendent of fleet management. He was very knowledgeable and took me to all of the different areas within the garage. Not only did I have an opportunity to meet all the associates working that day, but I also learned about their job responsibilities and the precautions we take to ensure safety through proper maintenance of equipment. He also shared with me the efforts he (and his peers) are making to develop associates and provide them the greatest opportunities possible in the department. It was a great experience, and I am very glad I went. He is a phenomenal leader and he and his team should be proud of all they have accomplished.

James, Distribution

“Being There” is so important, and I remember seeing Mr. George visit with associates at our distribution facilities. Those experiences made a lasting impression on me, so I was excited to keep Mr. George’s legacy alive during my Be There Day visit at store #1512, Birmingham, Alabama.

I spent the day with the store manager. While I learned a lot about the daily operations of the store, I also learned a lot about her. She told me how after attending a Publix grand opening, she knew she wanted to join the Publix family. We spent the day interacting with associates and customers. I was so impressed with the level of ownership she demonstrated in her store. She is a true servant leader and it made my Be There day experience even more special.