Publix Culture

Prepare for Opportunity

Mr. George said it best when he said, "Publix is like a smorgasbord, with opportunities spread out for you. Prepare yourself. The opportunities are up for grabs." He couldn't have been more right, and that's still the case today. At Publix, we have associates with a range of backgrounds, from high school or GED diplomas to degrees in engineering and marketing, and even specialized certifications in health and law enforcement. The possibilities are endless!

We want our associates to stay with Publix, and we want them to be happy here. That's why we offer on the job training, computer-based training and even instructor-led courses to help them grow. We believe preparing associates for new opportunities will give them the resources they need to reach their goals. And this year, we have more than 15,000 associates reaching a milestone anniversary with Publix — 1,421 associates reaching 20 years of service and 100 with more than 40 years of service.

Publix managers look for a common trait when promoting from within and hiring new associates — a servant's heart. They look for someone who's willing to go above and beyond to take care of our customers. So, having the right associates ready to serve is essential because providing premier customer service is a big part of the Publix culture.

Check back next month to learn about Mr. George‚Äôs next lesson — be there.