Publix Culture

David Barnie

David’s mission is clear — rain or shine

Front Service Clerk David moved to Florida from Scotland just over a year ago and started working at Publix a few months later. And he already has a good understanding of what living the Publix mission is all about.

He believes Mr. George entrusted us to take care of the company by making us company owners, and David doesn’t take that lightly.

“Getting a job at Publix has been one of the best things to happen to me in Florida! It’s a privilege to work for such a great company.

“Publix does everything it can to make sure its customers are treated with legendary service. The company also treats its associates very well. The fact that we can own Publix stock is wonderful. This provides me a real sense of responsibility.

“Come rain or shine, whether I’m pushing carts in the parking lot, bagging at the register or helping a customer, I always take Mr. George’s advice, ‘Never let making a profit stand in the way of doing the right thing.’ Doing the right thing is a philosophy I can live my life by and what makes Publix the successful company it is.”

David is a great example of how our associates believe in and live Publix’s mission. Publix is strong, vibrant and growing because our associates are passionate about doing the right thing because we own the company — thanks to the genius of Mr. George.