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From the beginning, Publix has always adapted to the trends and styles of the era. Over the years, Publix uniforms have gone through many changes. Here’s a peek at what they have looked like throughout the decades. 

This photo, taken in the late 1940s, shows a smiling associate dressed in her perfectly ironed Publix dress. The badge on her left shoulder sleeve showcases the Publix name and a store image. 

Women at Publix sported a dress with sneakers or flats depending on the department they worked in. The men wore short-sleeved, white shirts tucked neatly into their khaki pants. 


Associates wore different colors based on where they worked — red in the deli department and a pastel green in others. Pastels were the trend back then; a departure from the typical Publix green. 

The 1980s saw associates in brighter green than the typical shade seen today, and bakery associates usually wore brown. 

In the 1990s, Publix changed uniform colors by introducing teal and coral uniforms, along with bow ties. 

2000s and 2010s 
In the 2000s and 2010s, Publix transitioned to a unique orange color for some fresh departments, as well as the green and black customer service uniforms that became synonymous with the store. 

Today, the signature Publix green color has been updated to be more vibrant to showcase how important it is to the company. Associates in the bakery and deli departments now wear gray shirts, while Publix Pharmacy associates wear white smocks with an updated Publix Pharmacy logo.