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LAKELAND, Fla., Oct. 25, 2021 — To help customers dispose of leftover or expired prescription medications, Publix Pharmacy has installed drug-disposal kiosks in select pharmacies located in five states.

“We know many customers are concerned about where their unused prescriptions will end up,” said Publix Vice President of Pharmacy Dain Rusk. “These kiosks are a convenient, easy way to dispose of medicines that are no longer needed.”

In addition to the kiosks, Publix Pharmacy offers drug-disposal packets to customers who receive a less than 28-day opioid prescription and for all other prescriptions upon request. When combined with water in a prescription bottle, the contents of the packet inactivate the medication. The bottle and medication can then be thrown into the trash. Packets are available at all Publix Pharmacy locations. They are offered free of charge to customers and can be used for any oral prescription medications.

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