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LAKELAND, Fla., Jan. 17, 2023 — Publix Pharmacy is opening its fourth telehealth site with Beaufort Memorial Hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina. The telehealth site will be located inside store #1716, located at 33 Robert Smalls Parkway, Beaufort, South Carolina.

“Publix Pharmacy looks forward to extending new, convenient services to even more communities with the help of Beaufort Memorial Hospital,” said Vice President of Publix Pharmacy Dain Rusk. “Convenience in the world of health care is something that patients value and expect. Offering telehealth services provide the comfort of a clinic, with the convenience of being in your local Publix.”

The telehealth centers include a private room with teleconferencing and medical diagnostic equipment like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, high-definition cameras and other tools necessary for common diagnoses. 

Patients speak directly with a licensed health care provider through videoconferencing technology to receive care for common nonemergency medical conditions like coughs, fevers, flu and rashes. The licensed health care provider can direct the patient to use the available diagnostic tools. The provider then makes a diagnosis and writes any necessary prescriptions. Publix Pharmacy associates sanitize the room and equipment after each use and are available to assist patients, if needed. 

The fee to use the telehealth center is $67 per visit, and appointments are not needed.