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Dec. 14, 2022 — Publix Super Markets recognized Miami Division District Manager Kris Crapo with the 2022 President’s Award at the company’s retail operations conference.

During his time as district manager, Crapo has established a strong sense of belonging for all associates, both management and nonmanagement. He communicates closely with his team, so everyone understands their role as a difference maker for Publix. Crapo leads his district through action and puts emphasis on the company’s open door policy to ensure all associates are heard.

“When working with associates, they need to feel heard and understood,” Crapo said. “Listen first and respond once you have an understanding of where they are coming from. Helping them find a solution instead of just providing criticism plays an important part in developing your team.” 

In his role, Crapo goes above and beyond to encourage and develop the next generation of Publix associates through career fairs and mentoring programs. Crapo leads a diverse district and empowers each associate to find a career path by providing equal opportunity for development and advancement. He believes associates from different backgrounds bring greater value to Publix. 

To create a personal connection with his associates, Crapo goes the extra mile by setting up a “Day with the DM” at his stores annually to talk with associates and make them feel valued. He is respected and trusted by his peers, and aligns with his staff to support the Publix strategy and our mission.

After finding out he was a 2022 President’s Award recipient, Crapo was speechless and beyond thankful for the opportunity. 
“When I think about what this award is and the past recipients, I am blown away at what an honor it is to receive this,” said Crapo. “Every day I work to ensure I am modeling the behavior I expect to see in my team, and today I am incredibly grateful to set this as a new goal for the associates I work with.” 

About the honoree 
Crapo started with Publix in 1993 as a part-time front service clerk in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and worked his way up through retail. He was promoted to store manager in 2012 and to district manager in 2015.

About the President’s Award 
The President’s Award honors one district manager from each division and one support manager who is committed to perpetuating diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our workplace. In addition, the recipient must be a role model to others through their demonstration of exemplary leadership.  

Crapo joins Atlanta Division District Manager Allie Holberg, Charlotte Division District Manager Dawne Steinbach, Jacksonville Division District Manager Nicolla Binford, Lakeland Division District Manager Julian Agollari and Manager of Warehousing Operations, Deerfield Distribution, Caven Morgan as this year’s President’s Award recipients.