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Dec. 14, 2022 — Publix Super Markets recognized Lakeland Division Store Manager Jenniffer Kras, #640, St. Petersburg, Florida, with the 2022 George W. Jenkins Award at the company’s retail operations conference.

Kras leads by example and always strives to do the right thing. Many associates gravitate toward her because of her leadership style and work ethic. She is also involved in the company’s associate development programs to mentor future Publix leaders.

“I participate annually in the Publix mentoring program and personally get involved in my team’s development,” she said. “I support, challenge and prepare them for success in a future leadership role.”
Kras has mentored and promoted four assistant store managers to store managers and seven department managers to assistant store managers. 

“I am proud that my dedication to open communication with my team has paid off. The most important thing is to be connected,” Kras said. “I try to display examples of Publix culture through my involvement in supporting my associates.” 

Kras’ enthusiasm is contagious and motivates associates. She instills in her teams a sense of ownership to contribute to Publix’s success. Outside of Publix, Kras is also very involved in her community with the program, Community Action Stops Abuse. The program’s mission is to challenge the societal acceptance of all forms of domestic violence. 

“I actively seek opportunities to support causes dear to my heart,” she said. “When possible, I work with my team to positively impact the community our company serves.”

About the honoree
Kras started her career with Publix as a cashier in 1990. She held several positions before being promoted to assistant store manager in 2005 at #305, St. Petersburg, Florida. She has been in her current position since 2008.

About the George W. Jenkins Award
Named after Publix’s founder, the George W. Jenkins Award is presented to one store manager from each of the company’s five divisions and one support area manager who exemplify leadership, perpetuates the Publix culture and demonstrates their commitment to his vision. As part of the award, each recipient is presented with a special green Publix jacket, marking them as a member of this deserving group of honorees.

Kras joins Atlanta Division Store Manager Phil Postle, Charlotte Division Store Manager Mark Taggart, Jacksonville Division Store Manager Steve Myers, Miami Division Store Manager Philip Wearsch and Business Development Director of Produce Curt Epperson as this year’s George W. Jenkins Award recipients.