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Dec. 14, 2022 — Publix Super Markets recognized Jacksonville Division Store Manager Steve Myers, #1450, Port Orange, Florida, with the 2022 George W. Jenkins Award at the company’s retail operations conference. 

Publix founder George W. Jenkins, known to associates as Mr. George, inspired both Myers’ leadership style and his passion for giving back. He has formed strong relationships with those he’s worked with as a reliable, honest leader who is passionate about the Publix mission. 

Over the years, he’s formed treasured friendships with customers by going above and beyond to personally deliver groceries, make hospital visits and more. 

“When things get tough, I stop and ask myself what Mr. George would do,” Myers said. “And I’m reminded that extra mile, especially on behalf of Publix, needs to be traveled.”

In his more than 39 years with Publix, Myers said receiving the George W. Jenkins Award is his greatest achievement. 

“I have always strived to live by Mr. George’s principles,” Myers said. “When I think back on my years with Publix, there are so many people who pop into mind. So many customers thought I was doing them a favor, when in fact they were helping me live a life of gratitude.” 

About the honoree
Myers began his Publix career in 1983 in Orange City, Florida. He relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, where he worked his way up through the grocery department before being promoted to store manager in 2003.

About the George W. Jenkins Award
Named after Publix’s founder, the George W. Jenkins Award is presented to one store manager from each of the company’s five divisions and one support area manager who exemplify leadership, perpetuate the Publix culture and demonstrate their commitment to his vision. As part of the award, each recipient is presented with a special green Publix jacket, marking them as a member of this deserving group of honorees.

Myers joins Atlanta Division Store Manager Phil Postle, Charlotte Division Store Manager Mark Taggart, Lakeland Division Store Manager Jenniffer Kras, Miami Division Store Manager Philip Wearsch and Business Development Director of Produce Curt Epperson as this year’s George W. Jenkins Award recipients.