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Diving into the essence of the Mr. George Gold Coin Award

Publix takes pride in providing customers with premier service each day. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that the company loves to hear stories from customers as well as other associates when someone goes above and beyond their expectations.  

In 1955, Mr. George first introduced the silver 25th anniversary coin that recognizes exceptional examples of outstanding service. 

Over the years, the silver service coin has gone through many revisions. One of the biggest changes occurred when the coin was switched from silver to gold to emphasize the importance and honor an associate should feel when presented with the award. In 2016, the Mr. George Gold Coin Award took on a new design and packaging that acted as a keepsake for the associates being honored. As an added thank-you, not only do award recipients receive the gold coin, but they also get a message from our CEO, Todd Jones, and a Publix gift card. 

Recipients of the gold coin should feel like they’re being recognized directly by the CEO because that’s exactly who has final approval over every award given. This coin represents the associate who truly embraces the Publix culture and provides premier service just like Mr. George himself would have. To receive this award means you’ve done something special and special is exactly how the associate should feel. 

Although many versions of the coin were created since the program’s inception, the meaning behind it has remained the same and is still very much alive today. 


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