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Dec. 5, 2023 — Publix Super Markets recognized Jacksonville Division Store Manager Wes Oliver, St. Johns, Florida, with the 2023 George W. Jenkins Award at the company’s retail operations conference.

Wes trusts his team to get the job done and gives them credit for the results. 

“I always share with new hires that this is the best and last job you will ever have if you choose to,” Wes said. “The next thing I tell them is that you can start as a front service clerk and become the company’s CEO! I’m not sure you can do that at any other company. The opportunities to build a career at Publix are endless.” 

Using our founder’s lessons, Wes looks forward to continuing to inspire his team to do their very best. 

“We should never forget the many lessons Mr. George left us. I believe the most important one is to treat our associates with dignity and respect. They will then enthusiastically treat our customers like royalty,” he said. “I don’t believe that any award or achievement at Publix has ever been given for what someone did individually. It takes a team to achieve great success.”

About the honoree

Wes started his career in 1989 as a front service clerk and then worked his way up through the grocery department before becoming an assistant store manager. In 2007, he was promoted to store manager in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, he works in St. Johns, Florida.

About the George W. Jenkins Award

Named after Publix’s founder, the George W. Jenkins Award is presented to one store manager from each of the company’s five divisions and one support area manager who exemplify leadership, perpetuate the Publix culture and demonstrate their commitment to his ideals. As part of the award, each recipient is presented with a special green Publix jacket, marking them as a member of this deserving group of honorees.

Wes joins Atlanta Division Store Manager Joy Daniell, Charlotte Division Store Manager Josh Stubblefield, Lakeland Division Store Manager Denise Peterson, Miami Division Store Manager Carlos Fonseca and Senior Director of Accounting Ken Stanger as this year’s George W. Jenkins Award recipients.