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Sept. 8, 2023 — Are you ready for some Pub subs?

With the start of football season upon us, Publix wants to get you ready for kickoff with Pub subs themed after your favorite NFL teams!

“We worked hard to make the initial recipes unique to each team, with characteristics about that market,” said Publix Business Development Director of Deli Allen Brown. “We wanted to create something special that each team would be proud to call their own.”

X’s and O’s of game day strategy
Working with corporate chefs, we drew up a game plan for four NFL subs representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins. 

A key consideration of the plan was to appeal to fans celebrating outside the stadiums.

“It’s all about the tailgate,” said Publix Corporate Chef Tim Donnelly. 

Aye aye, matey!
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub brings a different spin to a classic favorite in our chicken tender sub.

This sub huddles our tenders with bacon and cheddar cheese, then topped with a spicy gold sauce. Bucs fans are sure to enjoy something sweet and spicy outside Raymond James Stadium.

On the hunt
Our chefs threw a Hail Mary in developing the Jacksonville Jaguars sub, landing on a flavor profile centered around barbecue.

“Customers really love our chicken tender sandwich already,” said Tim, “and what’s more popular in the South than barbecue?”

Topped with coleslaw and barbecue mayo, this sandwich features a smoky flavor that hits like an All-Pro linebacker and definitely will have you going back for more.

Flying the coop
Do you love chicken and waffles as much as the Atlanta Falcons love getting a first down?

Our famous Publix chicken tenders are teed up with a sweet maple seasoning and topped with bacon. But the sub moves your taste buds across the goal line by adding a familiar flavor from the state Atlanta calls home — peaches. 

The sub adds peach preserves before rounding it out with some spiciness in the form of sriracha mayonnaise.

“We really scored a touchdown with this one,” Tim said.

Swimming toward the end zone
Miami Dolphins fans won’t want to fumble a chance to grab this spin on a Cuban sandwich!

Starting with Publix’s smokehouse tavern ham, pulled pork and Swiss cheese, this savory sub runs some trick plays to keep you on your toes with its flavors.

A lemon garlic aioli brings a taste of citrus to your palate, but a spicy crunch from crispy jalapenos ties it all together for this touchdown of a Miami favorite.

Tackling the game, one sub at a time
Tim and other corporate chefs enjoyed the idea of being able to develop these region-specific subs.

“We crave the opportunity to do something regional,” Tim said. “It was exciting to be able to work on this project for both football and Pub sub fans alike.”

So, whether you’re a supporter of the Bucs, Jaguars, Falcons or Dolphins — or just want to try something new — head to the official supermarket of these teams to check out a new roster you can’t miss. These subs are available for a limited time at select Publix locations. Check out to see if your store is participating, and try them before the clock runs out!