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June 4, 2024 — It’s time for this season’s limited-time Publix ice cream flavors, including a returning Publix associate favorite: Chocolate Cookie Quarry. Customers can find this summer’s offerings in stores now through Aug. 30 in a half-gallon size. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Publix as these limited-time flavors are “secon-dairy” to none.

  • Chocolate Cookie Quarry: Chocolate ice cream with decadent chocolate cookie crumb swirls and chunks of flavored chocolate sandwich cookies.
  • Cold Brew Cookies and Crème: Cold brew coffee flavored ice cream with crème filled chocolate cookie pieces throughout.
  • Lemon Berry Bliss: Lemon crème flavored ice cream with lemonade flavored flakes and blueberry flavored swirls.
  • Marry Me Strawberry: Strawberry flavored ice cream with ribbons of strawberry flavored sauce, studded with pieces of white chocolate flavored strawberry pecan bark.
  • Coffee Almond Fudge: Coffee ice cream with a chocolate coffee ribbon and milk chocolate flavored coated almonds.
  • Caramel Turtle Cheesecake: Cheesecake flavored ice cream swirled with flavored sea salt caramel & milk chocolate caramel turtles, and pecans.
  • Hula Hula Macadamia: Whipped cream flavored ice cream with ribbons of caramel and macadamia brittle.
  • Buckeyes & Fudge: Peanut butter ice cream loaded with chocolatey covered peanut butter buckeye candies and swirls of thick fudge.

Find many of these flavors on the Publix ice cream truck this summer!

The Publix ice cream truck is hitting the road again this summer and will feature many of this season’s limited-time offerings. Stops will also offer a photo booth, games and music. Check out to see if the party is coming to a city near you!

Associates helped one flavor return

Publix Limited Edition Chocolate Cookie Quarry is the winning retired ice cream flavor to make a comeback this summer. Publix associates voted for this flavor through a poll on Publix’s innovation platform. The platform was created to promote, inspire and collect associate ideas, continuing the innovative spirit that our founder, George Jenkins, started over 93 years ago.

Stay tuned for additional limited-time flavors

Our limited-edition ice cream flavors excite our customers throughout the year. With each season comes a new batch of flavors that our raving fans eagerly anticipate. Keep an eye out for the next round of limited-time flavors arriving in stores this fall!