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June 2, 2023 — From rehearsing for competitive dance one day to needing a liver transplant the next, this is the incredible story of how Publix associate Samerah became a champion of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN).

In early 2022, 17-year-old Samerah, a part-time cashier at #1077 in Kennesaw, Georgia, was a dance student of 10 years and seemed perfectly healthy. That would quickly change. 

“The day before Easter in 2022, I wasn’t feeling too good. My mom, being a nurse, knew something was wrong when she looked and saw that my eyes had a yellow tint,” said Samerah. “I was rushed to the hospital where I was told I had acute liver failure and was put at the top of the list for a liver transplant due to the severity of my condition. The next two weeks became a blur.” 

Samerah received a liver transplant and fought hard during her hospital stay. Upon receiving her new liver, her energy and personality quickly transformed back into the vibrant girl she had been. 

Now, at 18 years old, in addition to working at Publix, Samerah teaches little kids at the dance studio where she performed competitively. She will graduate high school this year and plans to go to college, majoring in psychology, with dreams of becoming a mental health counselor.

When asked what it meant to her to work for a company like Publix that supports the CMN with a register campaign, she said, “I am thankful. Publix is so supportive and has been amazing throughout my whole journey. I work at such a good store, with a great store manager and supervisor. They were supportive and flexible during my time of need. We’re all ecstatic about the campaign this year.” 

Mr. George founded Publix with the spirit of giving in mind, and for over 30 years, Publix has been fundraising for CMN Hospitals.

Each year, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide 38 million patient visits for 12 million children across North America. Publix’s generous associates and customers help support 28 CMN Hospitals, all of which are making a difference in the lives of children who receive treatment regardless of the extent of their injuries and/or illnesses.