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Publix Premium Ice Cream is well known among our shoppers for its traditional flavors available year-round and limited-time flavors that only come around once a year. Beginning in early May (and until supplies run out), we’ll have eight limited-time flavors available that our devoted ice cream fans will love. With each flavor being just one quart, it’s hard to feel guilty trying more than one flavor!

Flavors available right now
Try one of these tasty flavors:

  • Buckeyes® & Fudge: Peanut butter ice cream loaded with chocolatey-covered peanut butter buckeye candies and swirls of thick fudge
  • Hazelnut Amaretto Biscotti: Rich chocolate hazelnut-flavored ice cream swirled with amaretto-flavored cookie crumbles and dark chocolate flakes
  • Lemon Berry Bliss: Lemon crème-flavored ice cream with lemonade-flavored flakes and blueberry-flavored swirls
  • Marry Me Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream with ribbons of strawberry-flavored sauce, studded with pieces of white chocolate-flavored strawberry pecan bark
  • Mocha Mud Pie: Rich mocha-flavored ice cream with a decadent hot fudge swirl and pieces of cookies and cream
  • Nuts About Pistachio: Pistachio ice cream loaded with pieces of real pistachios
  • Piña Colada: Coconut-flavored ice cream with pineapple-flavored pieces throughout
  • Salted Caramel Toffee Crunch: Salted caramel-flavored ice cream with toffee-flavored swirls and pieces of cocoa pretzel bark

Additional limited-time flavors are on the way
Our ice cream flavors delight our customers throughout the year, and many Publix fans look forward to each season’s newest batch of limited-time flavors. Look for the next round of specially curated flavors in stores this fall!