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April 23, 2024 — Publix is proud to support organizations and projects focused on caring for our oceans. As a company, we believe it’s important to take care of our environment, including supporting efforts that improve marine habitats and sustainable fishing practices.


In 2023, we united with FORCE BLUE as the first company to fund their Quick Reaction Force, a team to help Florida’s marine science community and environmental agencies respond quickly to marine environmental emergencies.

FORCE BLUE is an organization that retrains and redeploys Special Operations military veterans and military combat divers to work alongside scientists, environmental agencies and leaders on marine conservation missions.

Our Good Together environmental campaign will support coastal conservation projects with FORCE BLUE from donations made in Florida. Our register campaign runs April 19 - 28, 2024.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Since 2011, we’ve provided more than $700,000 to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to support fishery improvement projects and promote sustainable seafood practices. Our recent efforts with SFP have focused on reducing bycatch and entanglement of non-target, endangered and threatened species. Unintended catch, or bycatch, is when fisheries accidentally catch non-target wildlife like whales, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and seabirds.

“As a grocery retailer, we want to make sure our product offerings are obtained in the most sustainable ways, including our seafood,” said Publix Business Development Director of Seafood Guy Pizzuti. “Publix takes a great deal of care through our work with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to make a positive impact on fishery practices that improve the sustainability of the seafood we offer our customers.”

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