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LAKELAND, Fla., April 6, 2023 — Publix Pharmacy presented 15 pharmacy associates with the Rxcellence Award for excelling in customer service, performance, ownership and teamwork. The award was given to one pharmacist and one technician from each of the company’s five divisions, one pharmacy supervisor and four pharmacy support associates.

“Our pharmacy teams are committed to providing the best care and service to their patients each and every day,” said Vice President of Pharmacy Dain Rusk. “These 15 individuals selected as our Rxcellence award recipients are role models who set the example for their associates and peers. I am extremely proud of their efforts.”

2022 retail recipients

  • Pharmacy Manager Sabrina Bowden, #1074, Helena, Alabama, Atlanta Division, sets the bar high for both herself and her team to know their patients and exceed expectations. As a training pharmacist, Bowden seeks to set every Publix Pharmacy associate on a path to success with an emphasis on service.
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Akilah Moorer, #1059, Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta Division, is known for going above and beyond to help her patients through their health journey. Moorer embraces additional technician responsibilities, and her positive attitude and smile are contagious.
  • Pharmacy Manager Noelle Laney, #1635, Williamsburg, Virginia, Charlotte Division, demonstrates a positive attitude, attention to detail and the ability to build relationships with associates and customers. Laney exemplifies what it means to treat patients like royalty. 
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Nicole Mattison, #1148, Greenville, South Carolina, Charlotte Division, exhibits exceptional character and ownership by exceeding expectations, even through challenging situations. Mattison gives her best for her patients and team every single day and embodies the premier service Mr. George envisioned when he started Publix.
  • Pharmacy Manager Marci Ruis Dillard, #1406, Yulee, Florida, Jacksonville Division, demonstrates extreme pride and ownership for her store, and gives 100% to her patients and team. Dillard leaves a positive impression and treats all associates and patients with dignity and respect.
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Eboney Hoy, #481, Panama City, Florida, Jacksonville Division, is the epitome of what Publix represents. She handles the most chaotic situations with grace and confidence. Hoy ensures each and every patient knows they are her main priority, as she enthusiastically assists them in whatever way she can.
  • Pharmacy Manager Aaron Hong, #3210, Tampa, Florida, Lakeland Division, has demonstrated the highest level of leadership in his role at Publix. Hong excels at leading and developing his associates to help them be successful in their careers. He provides the highest level of service to his patients, especially during times of peak demand.
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Tori Carnegie, #1305, Parrish, Florida, Lakeland Division, is committed to ensuring her patients receive premier service. Carnegie is a leader in providing immunizations and in completing medication therapy management cases. She displays a positive attitude and greets each patient with a smile. 
  • Pharmacy Manager Tuan Tong, #583, Weston, Florida, Miami Division, has remained committed to providing immunizations to his community and garnering the support of his entire pharmacy and store management teams. Tong shows up to work every day focused on giving his best to his patients and Publix.
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician Hailey Cannon, #388, Delray Beach, Florida, Miami Division, builds relationships with her patients by greeting them by name, taking them to products on the sales floor, offering to transfer prescriptions from competitors and offering vaccines when they’re eligible. Cannon loves to share her knowledge and the Publix culture with others. She is counted on for quality work and builds up other associates by helping them understand the technician role.

2022 support recipients

  • Manager of Operations John Broccio, Central Fill, Orlando, Florida, is passionate about ensuring Publix associates and customers are treated with respect and served to meet the Publix standards of excellence. He connects with his associates on a personal level and makes sure they feel recognized and appreciated.
  • Specialty Patient Access Technician Amelia Rajkumar, Specialty Pharmacy, Orlando, Florida, consistently excels in everything she does and has a proactive work ethic. Rajkumar leads by example and provides ideas and suggestions that help improve the pharmacy’s workflow processes. She is a subject matter expert and the go-to person for her colleagues.
  • Manager of Pharmacy Contracting Caitlin Connolly, Pharmacy Operations, Lakeland, Florida, is a vital part of pharmacy and managed care and is happy to provide her expertise to the team and many departments. Connolly is the epitome of living the Publix mission by serving her team and patients. 
  • Managed Care Analyst Brandon Mancini, Pharmacy Operations, Lakeland, Florida, brought a wealth of systems and data knowledge to his department since starting with the team in February 2022. He has been able to work quickly with the team to get up to speed on managed care and provide invaluable contributions. Mancini consistently goes above and beyond to help any team member solve any challenge. 
  • Pharmacy Supervisor Flora Blumin, Lakeland Division, is always available if associates have questions or if they need more support in any area. Blumin demonstrates role model ownership in her position as pharmacy supervisor. Whether the goal is to produce a result or help a high-volume pharmacy, she immediately owns the task and ensures she is successful. Blumin is the ultimate team player and is always willing to help.