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Youth Soccer

More Than a Sport

Why does Publix support youth soccer? Because soccer is a social gathering, bringing coaches, parents, children and their communities together in the spirit of competition. Because it's also a form of exercise, developing fit habits early on to combat obesity. Because soccer is a teacher, honing well-roundedness and problem-solving skills on the field that translate to real life. Because for some it's a path, keeping them in a straight line through school, showing them the way to scholarships and, for a select few, careers. But most importantly, because soccer is a life lesson, instilling integrity, sportsmanship, and strength of character in children and turning them into valuable, contributing members of their communities as adults.

Be Strong. Play Soccer. To learn more, visit your state's website today.

Alabama Soccer Association (ASA)
Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA)
Georgia Soccer (GS)
North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA)
South Carolina Youth Soccer (SCYSA)
Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA)
Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA)