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Tennessee Schools Receive Money Through Publix Partners

You can raise money for your Tennessee school through Publix Partners. For every $37,500 spent cumulatively by your school’s participants, Publix will award your school $250.*

*All purchases are eligible with the exception of gift cards, alcohol, lottery items, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.

Raised Last Quarter


Raised To Date


Above is the dollar amount raised in Tennessee schools through Publix Partners within the last quarter, as well as the total raised to date.

Share your success!
To get those numbers even higher:

  • Spread the word in your school community.
  • Remind everyone that friends and family may also participate (at any Publix store in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee).

Remember, the greater the participation, the greater the reward.

Top 10 Schools in Tennessee

Here are the top 10 schools leading Publix Partners earnings in the state.

1. Franklin High School $72,157.90
2. Walnut Grove Elementary School PTA $48,014.21
3. Hunters Bend Elementary School $47,470.26
4. Kenrose Elementary School $41,551.34
5. Battle Ground Academy $40,355.08
6. Grassland Elementary School $35,506.19
7. Saint Matthew Home and School Association $35,277.88
8. Grassland Middle School $34,380.56
9. Crockett Elementary School PTO $32,718.07
10. Trinity Elementary School PTO $32,007.65

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