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March of Dimes

Supporting March of Dimes

March of Dimes

Each year, Publix invites customers and associates to donate to the March of Dimes, whose mission is to end premature births and help more moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. In 2019, the Publix campaign raised more than $5.1 million for this amazing organization, earning us the prestigious honor as their No. 1 corporate partner.

This incredible accomplishment was made possible by our passionate associates and generous customers. We are so proud of our more than 225,000 associates who give of themselves every day in our stores and communities. Our Publix family truly makes the difference, and without them, we wouldn’t have achieved our stellar campaign results. And that brings us to the generosity of our customers. We’ve always said we have the best customers in the industry. Together, over our 25-year-old relationship with March of Dimes, we've raised more than $80 million at the point of sale, all $1 at a time.

We're proud to help support an organization that makes a world of difference to so many families.

As you'll see, that includes our Publix family. Meet the brave children of 8 of our associates from each of our divisions and learn how their lives have been changed by the March of Dimes.

Micah, 7 years

MicahSon of Meat Cutter
Shonrika Lary
#1061, Atlanta, Georgia 

Micah was born seven weeks early due to complications from preeclampsia. When he was delivered, doctors found he was not breathing properly and was significantly underweight at only 3 pounds, 11 ounces. March of Dimes was able to provide the family with a ventilator and feeding tubes. Within 2 ½ weeks, Micah gained ample weight and his lungs developed sufficiently enough for him to go home. Today, 7-year-old Micah is vibrant and healthy with no lasting complications.

Tommy, 12 years

TommySon of Assistant Customer Service Manager
Janet Simonds
#526, Evans, Georgia

Tommy’s parents entered the hospital for a planned C-section after a pregnancy that seemed typical. Janet had no risk factors, and the baby’s weight was healthy. When Tommy arrived on Jan. 21, his parents still thought everything was okay. Things quickly changed as doctors noticed the congenital birth defect of cleft lip and palate. He was immediately rushed to the NICU. It was there that resources and guidance from March of Dimes helped the family understand and access the specialized care Tommy needs. Since then, Tommy has undergone 14 surgeries and still faces several more procedures.

Ariana, 3 years

ArianaDaughter of Cashier
Paula Amica
#1365, Ocala, Florida

Ariana was born a micro-preemie at just 23 weeks, weighing only 1 pound, 8 ounces. At just 4 weeks old, she underwent her first medical procedure to treat a collapsed lung. Ariana spent 137 days in the NICU. Throughout her entire hospital stay, the March of Dimes was there to support the family. Today, Ariana is happy and playful despite her ongoing battle with chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension.

Michael, 3 years

MichaelSon of Produce Manager
Mike Auger
#1011, Palm Harbor, Florida

Michael was born at just 30 weeks because of his mother’s severe preeclampsia, putting him under extreme duress. Doctors made the decision to immediately deliver the baby to save both Michael and his mother. Weighing just 2 pounds and 4 ounces at birth, he spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Through the March of Dimes, the family was able to receive specialized care with a nurse providing 24-hour watch over Michael. Michael is now happy and healthy, continuing to grow and thrive each day.

Sophia, 3 years

SophiaDaughter of Customer Service Staff
Melissa Cardena
#1094, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and
Grocery Manager
Armando Cardena,
#1454, Hollywood, Florida 

When Sophia was born nearly 9 weeks prematurely, she was so tiny she needed injections to help develop her lungs. Fortunately, the Cardenas received assistance through March of Dimes. The organization provided an isolette to help maintain Sophia’s body temperature. After a 28-day stay in the hospital, Sophia was able to return home with her family and has now grown into a vivacious and energetic 3-year-old, always smiling and constantly moving.

Kolin and Owen (twins), 2 years

Kolin & OwenSons of Assistant Store Manager
Jauqui Phipps
#4, The Villages, Florida and
Grocery Retail Improvement Specialist
Kris Phipps, Lakeland Division

At 34 weeks pregnant, Jauqui’s twins were losing amniotic fluids from their sacs. Doctors gave her a series of shots to help develop their lungs before rushing her into surgery for an emergency C-section. The boys arrived safely and, thanks to help from the March of Dimes, spent only three weeks in the NICU because they received shots to help their lungs develop. It was during this time that Kolin was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Because Kolin was diagnosed early, the family was able to begin focusing on his needs.