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March of Dimes

Each year, we invite customers and associates to donate to March of Dimes to protect moms and babies and help them get the support and care they need. In 2023, we raised nearly $6.4 million for this amazing organization, earning us the prestigious honor of being their number one corporate partner for the 8th year in a row.

This accomplishment was made possible by our passionate associates and generous customers. We are so proud of our more than 240,000 associates who give themselves every day in our stores and communities. Our Publix family makes the difference, and without them, we couldn't have achieved our stellar campaign results. And that brings us to the generosity of our customers. We’ve always said we have the best customers in the industry. Since 1995, we've raised more than $100 million at the point of sale for March of Dimes.

We're proud to help support an organization that makes a world of difference to so many families—including our Publix family. Meet Kamalie and Davren, and learn how their lives have been changed by March of Dimes.

Davren, 15 months old

The March of Dimes touches many lives, including those in our Publix family, like Kamalie. At 25 weeks pregnant, she woke up one morning with terrible chest pain. Kamalie went to the emergency room and learned she had an aortic dissection that required immediate surgery. But before she could have life-saving surgery, the doctors had to deliver Davren.

Nearly four months early, he weighed only 1 pound, 14 ounces. Davren went on to spend 100 days in the NICU, where he underwent his own heart surgery. During his recovery, he received blood transfusions, oxygen, and a feeding tube. March of Dimes helped ease the fears of Kamalie and her husband by providing educational resources that guided them through the NICU journey, taught them more about their situation, and helped them prepare to bring their son home. Today, Davren is 15 months old, and both he and Kamalie are thriving!