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Together, we can protect our local natural resources.

Publix is proudly committed to helping protect, conserve, and restore the ecosystems in our footprint. Donate at the register between April 19 and April 28 to help support efforts to protect and restore our most vulnerable natural resources.

Let’s do good together.

Donations made in Florida support:

National Park Foundation: Together, we are helping to reduce the impact of marine debris by funding critical efforts to protect marine and coastal resources across nine National Park Service (NPS) units in Florida.

FORCE BLUE: A select group of Special Operations military veterans will work with marine scientists and environmental agencies on dive missions focused on coastal conservation.

Donations made in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia support:

Arbor Day Foundation: Once covered by dense forests, the landscape of the American Southeast fell victim to clear-cutting decades ago. This initiative supports reforestation in your state to help benefit the hundreds of unique plant and animal species that depend on these ecosystems.