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Purchasing Analyst

Publix Associate

Our Purchasing Analysts ensure that Publix food manufacturing plants have an uninterrupted supply of products, goods, and services in order to meet daily production goals.

How to Apply

Purchasing Analysts seek to understand our manufacturing plants' requirements and identify the best suppliers for those needs. They also strive to negotiate the best agreements possible by determining suppliers' leverage points and understanding the fundamental industry of the supplier. Furthermore, Analysts study market conditions and the competitive environment to identify key cost drivers and develop a strategy for negotiation. Purchasing Analysts also manage the supplier base by conducting Business Reviews. During this process, Analysts review information about the suppliers' service levels, quality of products or services, and competitive pricing levels. The suppliers provide pertinent information relative to the industry and both Publix and the supplier develop a plan to reduce costs, improve quality, and improve service.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or a related field
  • Experience using strong analytical and statistical skills with a solid understanding of purchasing, manufacturing processes, and business practices
  • Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) certification
  • Knowledge of computer applications: Microsoft Office, PIMS, Marwood, Internet, and SAP
  • Strong analytical and logical reasoning skills
  • Strong statistical and math skills
  • Project and contract management skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good management and leadership skills
  • Obvious enthusiasm, initiative, and pride in work

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We work closely with employment agencies to hire temporary associates for several entry-level positions in our manufacturing facilities. We work with Adecco for our Lakeland facilities, and Randstad in Atlanta. Feel free to visit their sites to learn more about applying for a temporary position. As a temporary hire, you could eventually be eligible for full-time employment if a position is available.