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Orlando Warehouse

Orlando Warehouse

Refrigerated Distribution Center in Orlando, FL

In October 2014, Publix opened a one-million-square-foot refrigerated distribution center west of the Orlando International Airport, at 7350 Hazeltine National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822. This facility increases our ability to effectively deliver cold storage groceries such as produce, frozen foods and dairy products to our central Florida stores.

Warehouse Positions

For fulfilling orders to our stores, this distribution center has many entry-level warehouse positions such as:

You can learn more by visiting the Distribution careers page.

Fleet Maintenance Positions

Publix has its own fleet of tractor trailers which is serviced by our Fleet Maintenance team. This Orlando Fleet Maintenance team oversees 40 tractors and 110 trailers. These positions include:

  • Fleet Maintenance Mechanic
  • Fleet Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Fuel Island Attendant
  • Fuel Truck Operator
  • Parts Coordinator
  • Trailer Maintenance Mechanic

Industrial Maintenance Positions

With its automated storage and retrieval and large-scale refrigeration and freezer systems, this warehouse needs ongoing preventive maintenance and occasional repair. The technicians in our Industrial Maintenance business unit specialize in various types of maintenance to ensure operations run smoothly. These maintenance positions include:

You can learn more by visiting the Industrial Maintenance careers page.