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SAP Coordinator

Publix Associate

Meet our in-house SAP expert. The SAP Coordinator focuses on serving our Real Estate associates and customers, as well as Publix support departments, tenants, and sub-tenants in our company-controlled properties. Our good relationship with these customers depends on our ability to correctly abstract, input, and maintain the information and data in our Real Estate SAP software program.

How to Apply

The SAP Coordinator electronically maintains pertinent lease data in the Tenant Real Estate Lease Information Management System in SAP. This database supports, tracks, documents, and reports the activity of company-controlled shopping center information for more than 500 tenants and sub-tenants who lease space from Publix. Income to the company is directly impacted by the timeliness and accuracy of this information maintained in the database. The SAP Coordinator works with the Property Representatives and the Risk Management department to ensure that all tenants and sub-tenants have valid insurance, which reduces Publix's exposure to risk.

  • College-level training and/or work experience in Accounting or a Business field
  • Experience in database maintenance and use, including queries and reports
  • Experience in Real Estate, Legal, and/or Insurance-related fields
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge and understanding of Real Estate, Leasing, Insurance, Accounting and Legal terms
  • Ability to accurately analyze, interpret, understand, and relate to leases and other legal documents

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