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Sustainability Manager

Publix Associate

Leading Publix’s commitment to sustainable business practices, our Sustainability Manager works to drive progress towards conserving our planet’s resources and improve social conditions - all while helping Publix to remain profitable.

How to Apply

Contributing to the long-term viability of the planet and our company’s success, Publix’s commitment to sustainability is one of our core corporate objectives. Our Sustainability Manager develops corporate sustainability strategies that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and achieve operational cost savings. These strategies cover a wide range of initiatives across Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution and Corporate departments. And, they often involve cross-functional teams. Examples of these sustainability strategies include:

  • sourcing packaging that is biodegradable or recyclable,
  • promoting sustainable business practices within our supply chain and measuring progress, and
  • promoting sustainable attributes of our products, our suppliers, and our company.

It’s also our Sustainability Manager’s job to help drive initiatives across the company which are launched by other departments and business areas. Examples of these initiatives include:

  • improving the efficiency of our distribution systems,
  • introducing new processes to improve recycling,
  • reducing or eliminating excess packaging, and
  • conserving water, energy and fuel.
  • The type of support this Manager provides to these sustainable business practices includes setting priorities, measuring progress, and verifying effectiveness. This Manager also measures progress, reports results, and drives the timely completion of benchmarks and goals. Furthermore, to forecast trends, our Sustainability Manager communicates with regulatory entities, coordinates with non-governmental organizations and trade associations, and listens to customer concerns and comments. This Manager also communicates with department Directors regarding environmental situations, the development of press releases, and responses made to media inquiries. And, as part of Publix’s communication strategy, this Manager develops content for the company’s website, annual sustainability reports, and sustainability-related media campaigns.

    • Bachelor’s degree in a sustainability-related field from an accredited university
    • Eight years of experience in an environmental or sustainability-related field
    • Experience effectively communicating with internal and external stakeholders
    • Knowledge of how to nurture a corporate culture of sustainability and how to embed sustainable business practices into day-to-day decisions and processes
    • Knowledge of how Publix competitors are performing on sustainability metrics
    • Knowledge of what social and environmental issues are trending
    • Knowledge of all Publix activities impacting the environment and social arenas
    • Knowledge of project management philosophies and techniques
    • Knowledge of leadership and management principles
    • Ability to understand new and complex issues, develop strategies to address these issues, then set initiatives, metrics and goals
    • Ability to organize and direct the planning and execution of large-scale projects from vision through implementation
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Excellent public speaking skills
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality
    • Ability to be on call at all times
    • Ability to travel as necessary
    • Obvious enthusiasm, initiative and pride in work

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