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Policies & Procedures Specialist

Publix Associate

The Policies and Procedures Specialist is part writer, part editor and part publisher. The Specialist's official role is helping Publix develop and publish Human Resources policies for all of our business units — stores, corporate offices, distribution centers and manufacturing plants.

How to Apply

Without this Specialist, our company policies wouldn't be as clear, as consistent or as well-publicized. The Policies and Procedures Specialist works with our business units to develop policies and procedures and publish them in an appropriate place — from our associate handbook to our managers' reference library. And the Specialist oversees the process of updating all of these policies and procedures and the publications where they appear.

  • Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in Business, Human Resources; Master's Degree preferred
  • Work experience with Publix
  • Work experience in Human Resources
  • Knowledge of Human Resources functions, processes, policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that new policies, changes to policies, and maintenance of policies are consistent with each other and the company
  • Knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws, Child Labor Laws, Federal and State posting requirements to ensure that new policies and procedures do not violate any existing laws
  • Knowledge of Microsoft computer applications to perform daily tasks working with electronic documents (e.g., reviewing documents, updating documents)
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and especially in writing, with associates in all levels of the company
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to handle highly confidential and sensitive information

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