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Repayment Analyst

Publix Associate

Our Repayment Analysts identify, track, and collect repayments from active and inactive Publix associates.

How to Apply

A significant part of the Repayment Analysts' job is to prevent and identify overpayments which are owed to Publix. Weekly reports are generated to identify these overpayments. The Repayment Analysts determine the source of the overpayment and the requirements for repayment. Portions of the research performed is completed by analyzing time adjustments and differences in payroll result tables and the associates' active status. The Analysts review information such as the associate's current status, rate of pay, and source of overpayment and determine how to collect the money owed to Publix from the associate. Active associates are billed through payroll deductions and inactive associates are forwarded to Accounts Receivable in the Accounting Department to be invoiced. Furthermore, the Repayment Analysts are responsible for balancing and posting deductions in SAP and answering questions from active and inactive Publix associates. For instance, these Analysts provide a full explanation to the associate. This includes the reason Publix is collecting a repayment, the source of the error, benefits, paid time off policies, and how SAP will process the repayment deduction.

  • Associates Degree in Accounting
  • Experience working in an analytical field
  • Computer skills including SAP, FETCH, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Access)
  • Knowledge of payroll processes and procedures as they relate to overpayments
  • Knowledge of Accounting principles
  • Ability to work in a highly stressful environment
  • Maintain highly confidential information
  • Knowledge of Publix paid time off benefits and their application to SAP
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to be detail oriented
  • Ability to file documents accurately
  • Ability to research and identify potential errors

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