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Processing Support Analyst

Publix Associate

Our Processing Support Analysts assist a wide variety of payroll functions as well as the associates within the Payroll department who administer those processes, such as the Payroll Power Users.

How to Apply

One task routinely performed by Processing Support Analysts is adjusting Publix associates' earnings for tax reporting purposes. The Analysts look at the adjustment requests and determine the appropriate year-to-date earnings, withholding tax deduction amounts, and other wage types to adjust. They also validate and audit the information to make sure the adjustment is accurately reflected in SAP.

Other responsibilities of the Processing Support Analysts include:

  • auditing emails from stores and support areas who are requesting an out of sequence check
  • analyzing payment requests made for vacation pay and holiday bonus payouts
  • contacting the requestor if additional information is needed for proper payment and updated records and
  • balancing annual W2s and working through balancing and issuing all W2Cs.

The Analysts process replacements for direct deposit returns, lost check requests, unclaimed checks, and abandoned property. It is their responsibility to investigate the lost check requests, and if necessary, process replacement checks. To ensure all withholding taxes (federal, state, and local) are accurate, the Processing Support Analysts create and run queries for validation. Additionally, the Analysts create and maintain various spreadsheets, databases, and documentation to support the Payroll department.

  • Some college coursework in Accounting
  • Experience working in an analytical field
  • Computer skills including SAP (or applicable software) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Access)
  • Knowledge of Publix paid time off benefits, policies and procedures, and organizational structure
  • Knowledge of payroll functions, including withholding taxes, FICA, state withholding taxes, non-resident aliens, pretax deductions, post tax deduction, and payroll results
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a highly stressful environment
  • Ability to maintain a high regard for confidential information
  • Solid and professional decision making skills
  • Willingness to work overtime including holidays, nights, weekends and extended periods of time

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