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Corporate Accounting

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Balancing Big Budgets

In the tough supermarket industry, we're here to make sure every penny is accounted for to our stockholders.

Publix couldn't deliver premier customer service in our stores without support from the Accounting department. How do these number crunchers play such a vital role? They ensure accurate and prompt payment to Publix's suppliers. Without that diligence, our store shelves wouldn't be continually stocked with the items our customers need and want.

Read on to learn how these teams, and others in Accounting, contribute to strategic initiatives at Publix.

Expense Payables

Publix's Expense Payables team processes non-merchandise (goods and services not sold at a store) invoices to ensure that vendors are paid the correct amount at the proper time.

Some of the items that Expense Payables process include:

  • materials for the construction of new stores
  • rent for leased Publix store locations
  • utilities (electric, water, gas, telecommunication, garbage removal)
  • equipment and repairs for all store, warehouse and office facilities and
  • legal and professional services.

Here are five positions in the Expense Payables team:

  • Mail Center Clerk
  • Expense Clerks
  • Expense Analysts
  • Expense Payable Team Leaders
  • Expense Payable Supervisors

Merchandise Payables

Publix's Merchandise/Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Payables department processes bills for all product that is delivered to our stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Some of the items they process include:

  • freight charges to have product delivered to the stores and support locations
  • gift cards sold in the stores and
  • regulatory products such as alcohol, fuel, raw milk, and pharmaceuticals.

Here are five positions in the Merchandise/DSD Payables team:

  • Merchandise/DSD Payables Clerks
  • Merchandise/DSD Payables Analysts
  • Merchandise/DSD Administrative Support
  • Merchandise/DSD Team Leaders
  • Merchandise/DSD Supervisors

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable team collects money due to Publix with professionalism and finesse. They also oversee Publix Gift Card program sales. During the holiday season, the elves in Accounting (otherwise known as our Gift Card teams) work long hours to process all of the gift cards customers purchase as gifts.

Here's a list of some of the other items the Accounts Receivable team manages:

  • redeemed coupons
  • returned checks
  • third party insurance
  • supplier rebates and
  • store charge accounts.

Here are four positions in the Accounts Receivable team:

  • Accounts Receivable Clerks
  • Accounts Receivable Analysts
  • Accounts Receivable Team Leaders
  • Accounts Receivable Supervisors

Store Bank Auditing

The Store Bank Auditing (SBA) team puts together the puzzle pieces of cash flow. For retail sales, the SBA team monitors cash flow between the stores, the banks and armored couriers. They work to identify and resolve issues and report and reconcile miscellaneous store tenders. Examples of these payments include Money Transfers, Money Orders, postage stamps and lotteries for both settlement and commissions. For Publix's Support departments, the SBA team reconciles all of Publix's bank accounts, including deposits, withdrawals, and check clearing. A few examples of these payment transactions include:

  • payroll
  • workers' compensation and
  • dividends.

Here are four positions in the Store Bank Auditing team:

  • Store Bank Audit Analysts
  • Store Bank Audit Team Leaders
  • Store Bank Audit Supervisor
  • Store Bank Audit Manager

EFT Accounting

The EFT Accounting team ensures that Publix receives accurate and prompt credit and incurs appropriate charges for all electronic sales and ATM transactions generated at the stores. They accomplish this by balancing debit, credit and gift card activity at the Point of Sale (POS). EFT Team Analysts balance PRESTO! ATM transactions, while analyzing and ordering funds to be loaded at the PRESTO! ATMs. It's also important for the EFT team to validate the settlement of all electronic ATM & POS activity. Furthermore, they provide premier customer service by promptly researching and responding to inquiries regarding customer's electronic transactions, and transactions with the stores, financial institutions and networks.

Additionally, the EFT Team provides SAP support by:

  • updating customers and vendors
  • creating and maintaining General Ledger accounts and cost centers
  • validating approvals and setting up projects with the assigned budget and
  • keeping store and shopping center information current within real estate modules.

Here are six positions in the EFT Accounting team:

  • POS Analysts
  • Opticash Analysts
  • Settlement Analysts
  • Master Data Maintenance Analysts
  • EFT Accounting Administrative Support
  • EFT Accounting Supervisors

Retail Accounting

The Retail Accounting team processes all expenses, income and sales for each store and produces a profit and loss statement weekly for each Publix store. This team also calculates year-end manager accrued bonuses for eligible store managers. Another important part of this team's job is to perform audits on things such as store inventories and sub-department vouchers. Furthermore, they perform various data entry with items such as donation forms, payroll and merchandise transfers.

Here are four positions in the Retail Accounting team:

  • Retail Accounting Clerks
  • Retail Accounting Analysts
  • Retail Accounting Lead Analyst
  • Retail Accounting Supervisor

Payment Processing

The Payment Processing team ensures suppliers are paid on time by:

  • processing automated clearing house (ACH) payments and checks, such as vendor, payroll garnishment, and workman's compensation and
  • imaging documents for retention purposes and audits for Corporate Accounting and BAR.

Here are three positions in the Payment Processing team:

  • Payment Processing Associates
  • Payment Processing Analysts
  • Payment Processing Supervisor

Corporate Travel

The Corporate Travel team makes all hotel, airline, and rental car reservations for associates who travel for business. The team ensures Publix is billed correctly by processing the invoices relating to these accommodations. In addition, the Corporate Travel Department manages the company credit card program, including expense auditing, and the Florida Toll Pass program. Furthermore, they manage the household goods shipment division of Publix's relocation program.

Examples of the services covered under these areas of responsibility include:

  • air, ground transportation, hotel and conference reservations
  • meetings management
  • audit and payment functions for the credit card program
  • shipment of household goods, invoice payment and auditing and
  • toll/transponder services.

Here are three positions in the Corporate Travel team:

  • Travel Analysts
  • Visa Analysts
  • Travel Manager