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Associate Testimonials


Todd Jones CEO

As I reflect on my years with Publix, I'm amazed at what a wonderful and exciting company this is. From my start as a part-time bagger to my current role as CEO, I'm just one of thousands with a personal story about making Publix a lifetime career.

Publix is 89 years old, and still an exciting place to work. We have a reputation for continual growth and innovation, both of which feed the many employment opportunities at Publix. We hire more than 40,000 new associates each year for our traditional stores, but we also provide employment opportunities in our support facilities and in the new ventures we pursue. Some of those new ventures include the following:

  • New warehouses and distribution centers to help become more efficient at getting product from field to fork.
  • Pharmacy warehouse and central fill facility.
  • Expansion of our real estate and legal teams to support our desire to own more of our shopping centers.
  • Industrial maintenance department to keep our warehouses and distribution centers in top-notch condition.
  • Logistics and demand planning to ensure we have the right products at the right place at the right time.

These are just a few of the new and exciting ventures we are working on to help position Publix for the future, and meet the ever-changing demands of the customers and communities we serve. The opportunities at Publix are unlimited. Please consider joining the Publix team if you want to have a rewarding career and be part of this new and exciting growth.


Andrea Manager, Strategic Procurement

I began my career with Publix as a part-time cashier 26 years ago. Now I’m a strategic procurement manager in facilities purchasing where I work with many great people in all areas of the company and get involved in fun, exciting projects.

Publix provides great benefits to its associates, such as the Tuition Reimbursement Program. I utilized it to complete my bachelor's degree, which had been a goal for a long time. Publix has always placed tremendous value on promoting from within and providing educational assistance to help us prepare for future careers within the organization.

I am very fortunate to work for such a successful company. My profit sharing and 401K accounts keep growing and growing. As shareholders all associates have a vested interest in Publix's success. We benefit from our own hard work. Planning for retirement is easy with the many options provided.

I wouldn't work anywhere else; Publix truly is a great place to work!


Ann EAP Support Specialist

I came to Publix in September of 1999, joining the human resources department at our corporate office. I started as a clerk with the selections systems team, then in March of 2004 I moved to the associate relations team as the administrative assistant. That team helps answer all kinds of questions that our associates have about their employment at Publix. In August of 2016, I moved to the EAP team as an EAP Support Specialist.

I love the fact that my job is never dull or boring, that I get to help people, and that I work on such a variety of assignments from day to day. I also love the fact that I have continual opportunities to learn new tasks. I've had the good fortune to work with a lot of people by participating on many different teams and planning committees.

I also enjoy the flexibility that I have with my schedule and the fact that I am working for a company that is financially stable. This is a great place to work.


Anthony Manager of Leadership Development

In the summer of 1980, I started as a part-time associate in the housewares warehouse, viewing Publix as a temporary means to a greater end. No way did I intend to become a "Publix lifer."

However, 12 years later I found myself still employed with Publix after being promoted to the position of quality improvement facilitator in the Lakeland dairy processing plant. During this period in my personal life, I didn't always make the best decisions, which resulted in a lot of emotional pain and financial distress. Luckily, at the time, I worked for a plant manager who not only cared about me as his associate but made me feel as if I was a member of his own family.

He was a hard businessman with extremely high expectations. Yet, he realized the importance of the human side of the equation as well. At the end of the each workday, he always took the time to talk to me about life outside of Publix. He knew when to question and he knew when to let me talk. Most importantly, he knew how to let me figure it out on my own.

It was during this time that I realized what this company is all about. Publix is not in the grocery business; Publix is in the business of taking care of people. That's why 33 years later I'm glad to say that I'm still employed by Publix Super Markets.


Ashley Supervisor, Customer Service Quality

I began my career with Publix 23 years ago in the vegetable prep area at the deli plant. Since then I worked in a variety of departments from a shipping clerk to the assistant to the vice president of the Lakeland division and now the customer service quality supervisor in the retirement area of benefits. When I joined the Publix team I didn't realize the endless opportunities ahead, not to mention the tremendous benefits available to associates.

One of the many benefits is our awesome retirement plan. Each year when I open my benefits statement, I can't help but throw up my hands and yell, "Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" All kidding aside, being part of Publix gives me a great sense of pride.

The most important benefit to me though, is the security I feel working for such a great organization. In my early years, I was able to support my daughter as a single mom and provide her with a home and a good, stable lifestyle. I was never worried about her healthcare because Publix offered such an outstanding insurance plan.

The opportunities are unlimited at Publix and even if you don't have a specific career path, that's okay; Publix has a way of putting you exactly where you need to be. I'm living proof.

There are a lot of places to work, but at Publix, you're part of the family. As a shareholder, you're also an owner. There aren't many places that offer this benefit. Simply stated, Publix is a GREAT place to work.


Aysha Business Consultant

My Publix career was inspired the moment I walked into a college recruiting event at the Publix cooking school in Tampa. I was a member of Beta Alpha Psi, an honors accounting organization at the University of South Florida. Publix was hosting a social for Beta members as an opportunity to learn about accounting and finance careers with Publix. At that social I was fortunate enough to chat with Gino DiGrazia (vice president of finance) and his wife, Kim. I also met Frank Maggio (senior manager of business analysis and reporting) who asked me what I would like to do when I graduated from USF with my accounting degree. My response was, "work for Publix!" I explained how I didn't want to go into the audit or tax fields, but I actually wanted to prepare a company's financial statements and that Publix seemed like the perfect place. A short time later, I was called in for an interview and began my career with Publix soon after graduating from USF.

Now I have been with Publix for several years, and I am currently a business consultant on the financial reporting team in business analysis and reporting. I am responsible for the accounting and reporting for our investment portfolio and coordinating the monthly, quarterly, and annual general ledger closing process. Most importantly, I get to prepare Publix's financial statements, exactly what I said I wanted to do at the social event years ago. I am very thankful that I am able to go to work every day loving what I do, whom I work with, and the company I work for.

I always enjoy it when people ask me what I do. I respond with a smile and say, "I do financial reporting for Publix." I love bragging about what a wonderful company we have and explaining how working truly is a pleasure at Publix.


Bob Real Estate Strategy Director

During my career at Publix — which has spanned roles as a meat cutter, assistant meat manager, meat manager, assistant store manager and real estate manager — Publix's tuition reimbursement program helped me earn a bachelor's degree. The encouragement and cooperation I received from my peers and managers as I pursued that degree, and later an MBA, solidified my long-term commitment to Publix. This support for self-development is just one of the company's values that is in line with my own values.

Something else I appreciate about Publix is how we celebrate teamwork without hampering individuality. Within the real estate department, you will find associates with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, talents and experience. This diversity is one reason I thoroughly enjoy working here.

As the director of real estate strategy, I am responsible for overseeing the development and deployment of the real estate strategy for the entire company. That strategy includes selection of sites for new stores as well as determination of the long-term strategy for existing stores. I accomplish this with my team of real estate managers and real estate specialists, and our administrative team.

In this capacity, I have the opportunity to meet with landowners, landlords, developers, lenders, public officials and other retailers. They always tell me stories about why and how much they respect our company and our associates; from the forthright way we do business to the contributions we make to our community. Because Publix is so well respected, I am honored to be affiliated with this company.

Brenda Environmental Compliance Manager

When I was finishing my first year of college, I applied for a job at Publix because I wanted some extra spending money. As a Lakeland native, I had grown up watching Publix television commercials. I remember especially liking the one with the VW Bug being driven down the wide aisles in the store. I decided that Publix was the best place to work. I was fortunate enough to be hired as a cashier by Tom McLaughlin, who was my Store Manager at the time and who is now a Divisional Vice President for the company.

Excited with my first job, I eagerly embraced the Publix culture and learned everything I could. After just 6 months, I was promoted to working in the front office which I enjoyed very much. And, I met our company founder, Mr. George, on more than one occasion when he visited our store. He was a genuinely kind man who really cared about his associates.

After I had been with Publix for about 6 years, I decided to get a job using my Biology degree. I left Publix and worked for both the Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County as a restaurant inspector and also the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). During my multiple roles at FDEP, I was able to learn a great deal about many environmental programs, administrative regulatory authority and also how federal, state and local governments interact. I didn’t know it at the time, but this experience was preparing me for my next chapter with Publix.

In 2006, my brother-in-law told me about an Environmental Specialist opening at Publix. I had missed the Publix culture since I left, so I was thrilled after I applied and was interviewed that I was offered the position! And truly, it was like coming home. Five years later, I was promoted to my current position as Environmental Compliance Manager.

Publix has grown into a much larger company today, but it maintains its core values. I appreciate that associates are stockholders and we all work together to improve the company that we own. Both my husband and daughter also work for Publix, and I plan to retire with Publix because I’m here to stay!


Carmen Customer Care Agent

I came to Publix twelve years ago, joining the consumer care team at our corporate headquarters. My family and I had just moved from the Bronx in New York to Lakeland.

I found a new career when I came to Publix, and a new family. I have been amazed and grateful for the support my co-workers have offered in times of need.

As a customer care agent, I read customers' emails and speak with them when they contact us with their questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints. I love helping people, and I think I have made a contribution to Publix as well as to the lives of our customers.

Due to my Hispanic heritage, I speak Spanish. That means I am able to help customers who speak English or Spanish. Every customer has a different comment. I'm surprised how many compliments our company and our associates get. In reading and talking with our customers, I find many who have relocated to the South like my family did. That makes my job interesting!


Charlene Property Portfolio Manager

I began my career with Publix in 1979 as a cashier at one of the original Publix stores in Lakeland, FL. As a cashier, I had the pleasure of training many talented associates who are still with Publix today. One of the most recognizable associates I trained is our CEO, Ed Crenshaw, whom I trained to scan groceries. I held various positions in the store before helping to open the first photo lab with Publix in 1986 as a photo specialist. A few years later, I was promoted to the corporate office and held the position of photo trainer from 1990 to 2001.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in photo, I was extremely excited to be offered the opportunity to come to work in the real estate department as a property representative. I have been in real estate for many years, and I am now a property portfolio manager.

As a Publix associate, I am provided with a plethora of opportunities to assist our customers and communities. This is never more apparent than in real estate, where I personally reap a vast amount of satisfaction not only working with other associates, but with our tenants in helping them achieve their lifelong goals of being successful business owners.

Through my many years I have spent with Publix, one of the greatest pleasures I have had is in developing relationships. You won't find any better co-workers than Publix associates. It is truly a family atmosphere, and associates are always willing to lend a helping hand to see you through thick and thin.


Cherie Office Manager and Assistant to the V.P. of Fresh Products

When I moved to Florida, I knew nothing about Publix. When I began shopping there, I found clean stores and friendly, knowledgeable help. That inspired me to apply at Publix, especially since I knew the corporate office wasn't far from where I lived. I was hired as a clerk II in accounts payable, was promoted to secretary II for a regional director, and now am office manager and assistant to a vice president where I handle administrative duties for our fresh products area. That includes managing hourly support 3 associates and coordinating the efforts of the business development director assistants.

Publix lives up to its mission statement of being "dedicated to the dignity, value, and employment security of their associates." I especially like that we promote from within and help develop our associates to succeed. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Each day I am thanked for my time!

After 18 years I still enjoy coming to work every day, and am truly grateful that Publix allowed me to be part of their family. I am always eager and proud to say, "I work for Publix."


Christine Property Representative

Joining Publix 17 years ago is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Some might say we just sell groceries, but this company has a "secret sauce" that allows us to continually rank among the best companies to work for.

I started my career as a cashier in Miami, Florida. When faced with the need to relocate to another city, I did not have to worry about finding a job. I was able to transfer to another store without any difficulties. While attending college, I continued to advance within the company eventually becoming a customer service manager in an Orlando store. My knowledge and training in retail lead me to my current position at the corporate office as a property representative with our real estate department.

I appreciate that Publix values training its associates and promoting from within. Publix has provided the training and tools I need in my current position in real estate to give me confidence in decision-making on behalf of Publix. Something else I am thankful for is the support and direction my managers have always provided. Their encouragement and wisdom contributed to my determination and helped lead me to where I am today.

I am honored to say that I work for a company that strives to be the premier quality food retailer in the world.


Connie Quality Control Brand Manager

After graduating from Florida Southern College, I knew I wanted to work for a company that held my personal values and ideals. My list was short; Publix was that company.

I went to work in a store and proceeded on to the micro lab at the deli kitchen, and from there I was promoted to a management position with our corporate quality assurance department.

The opportunity Publix gives its associates to advance is just one of many reasons I love working for this great company.


Debbie Manager of Benefits Administration

I had always been envious of individuals fortunate enough to work for Publix. I thought it was great that Publix shared its profits with its associates, valuing them enough to make them owners in the company. I heard the stories about Mr. George’s philosophy for taking care of his associates. Having worked in benefits most of my career, I understood the value of company ownership and how rare it is in today’s world. As my retirement plan was being replaced by a 401(k) with a minimal match, I hoped that someday I too would have an opportunity to work for Publix.

That opportunity came in 2001 when I was hired to work for Publix as manager of group benefits. Now 13 years later, I am the manager of benefits administration. My team supports our retirement, group benefits and stockholder services departments. We provide project management and technical support for strategic and benefits-critical initiatives; we support education and training initiatives and we manage the benefits-critical financial processes and projects. We also work with outside vendors, consultants and other benefit professionals, and we hear all the time how envious they are because they know Publix is such a great place to work.

Now rather than being envious, I’m the one who can say how truly proud I am to be part of this great company.


Dolly Sr. Tax Specialist

Publix is a great company. The people here give me the feeling of respect and trust. They value me as an associate and are confident that I can do my job with little or no supervision. I love working here because of them.

In addition, the competitive salaries, retirement benefits, holiday bonus, flex-time, free lunches, and job stability are exceptional. I've been with Publix for a little more than 20 years and I plan to stay here for another 20 years.


Don Employment Office Manager

Shopping has always been a pleasure for me; Publix was my store of choice prior to my becoming an associate. As a Publix customer, I experienced firsthand the excellent customer service provided by store associates.

One thing that stands out for me since joining Publix is that the same customer service philosophy is evident throughout the entire organization. Working in the employment office, I have the opportunity to experience the excitement and enthusiasm of newly hired Publix associates on a daily basis.

At Publix you are valued as an associate, and treated like family. Publix gives me the chance to interact with a highly diverse workforce, share ideas, and—most of all—feel like I am an integral part of the Publix team.

Making the career choice to join the Publix team was the right decision. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have been with Publix, and am looking forward to many long years of service.


Jim Director of Strategy Support

In 1994 I had just earned my master's degree and began looking for opportunities to further my career when a friend suggested I check out Publix. My research told me that Publix was a great place to work—a family-friendly organization with a long history of growth. I applied and was hired as an engineer in our manufacturing division.

Throughout my career at Publix I've held several roles in different departments. In each role I was surrounded by leaders who showed that they cared about my success by helping me to learn and grow, and they always thanked me for my efforts. Through the help of my fellow associates now I've become one of our leaders, and I'll get to continue the Publix tradition of helping others to succeed.

Publix values our associates. It's one of the many reasons why I love working here.


Josh Divisional Loss Prevention Manager

I started working for Publix in 2001, and still remember my first day. I was scared, nervous and unsure if I had made the right decision to leave my last job; all of the things that any normal person would think about. I had been with a major retail department store chain for almost 10 years before joining Publix, but it took only one day to realize that this is a family, not just a workplace.

In 2006 I was promoted to my current position as the divisional loss prevention manager for the Miami division. My 12 years of service here are short compared to many Publix associates who have been here more than 20 years.

When you get up every morning and go to work, are you going someplace that you can't wait for the end of the day to come, or someplace that the day goes by too quickly? I think we spend most of our lives thinking that "the grass is greener on the other side," and sometimes we are disappointed because we find that is not true. However, the grass was greener for me at Publix and I believe that would be the same for you.

At Publix we take pride in treating each other with dignity and respect, and it's a great feeling. One of my responsibilities is to protect the assets of Publix, including our associates, my family!


Karen Emerging Business & Private Brands Director

I started my journey with Publix in 1984 as a part-time deli clerk. Publix was flexible with my schedule as I worked my way through college. After graduation I wanted to find a "real" job, but what I was looking for was right in front of me. I was already associated with one of the finest organizations in the industry and one of the best decisions I ever made was to continue my career working at Publix.

I worked in our retail stores for 15 years and worked my way up in various management positions. My retail journey included traveling to two other states to open new markets with Publix which was very exciting for me as I thoroughly enjoyed sharing Publix culture with our new associates.

The early lessons that I experienced while taking care of customers and developing my associates, prepared me well for my transition to corporate purchasing. I have been in the corporate office for 15 years. In my current position as Director of Emerging Business and Private Brands, I’m accountable for Customer Wellness (Dietician Services), Private Brand (Publix Private Label, Publix Premium and GreenWise products), Local Customization (Ethnic & Natural/Organic products) and Pricing.

As I have progressed through various positions at corporate, I continue to realize an important part of our company's success is our stock ownership program. It exemplifies something that was once said to me: "You take better care of something if you own it." This ownership is alive and in every associate that works for Publix today, and I am proud to be a part of it.


Karen Director, Brand Marketing & Analytics

When I was a 16-year old cashier, I never envisioned a career at Publix. My goals were more short-term and related to helping finance my college tuition. Along the way several Publix associates mentored me and explained the opportunities available here. This included our tuition reimbursement program, which convinced me to stay with Publix after high school graduation and during college.

Then my store manager and a close family friend (a retired Publix store manager) encouraged me to visit the marketing department in Lakeland. During that visit I met many Publix associates with stories of how they began their career just as I did.

Upon earning my advertising degree, I was hired into an entry-level position in the Marketing Department. Now 16 years later, I am the director of brand marketing & analytics. I'm able to do the work I enjoy doing while working for a company I believe in . . . and one that has believed in me.

My years working in our stores and through various positions within marketing have shaped who I am today. Just as so many did for me, I try to mentor other young associates and encourage them to continue their career at Publix.


Kenny Senior Controller - Mfg Dairy

I always enjoy telling my story of Publix and what it is like to be an owner of the company. Publix continues to support me and my desire to learn more and further my career. I began my Publix career years ago working in a store as a stock clerk while attending school. This was a great opportunity since I was able to work a flexible schedule while attending classes. Since then I have had various opportunities within human resources/selection systems, the Lakeland and Atlanta dairy plants and most recently as senior controller on the manufacturing team. Along my journey, there were so many opportunities to try something different, and the choices seemed limitless.

Some of my fondest memories have been creating working relationships with people I encounter every day. It is comforting to work with people that have the same vision and feeling of ownership that I do. I remember the hurricanes that we experienced in 2004 and the dedication everyone at the dairy plant put forth in order to ensure that our customers had milk at their store. This was just one of many experiences where we worked together as a team to satisfy our customers.

No matter where I have been in Publix, we continue to staff an intelligent workforce to make us leaders in our industry. I currently have the luxury of working with a knowledgeable manufacturing staff and providing financial data that will improve our operations and ultimately be reinvested in our company's growth and success.

I continue to enjoy the opportunities and experiences that have been provided for me here at Publix, and I look forward to what the future will bring.


Kimberly EFT Supervisor

There are so many reasons I love working for Publix. One of the biggest was the opportunity to advance without a college degree. I started work at Publix 10 years ago as a part-time cashier while still in high school. I hadn't yet figured out what to do with my life, but did know that college wasn't for me. I had some great managers who showed me that you can make a great career at Publix as long as you work hard and show dedication.

I was promoted to assistant customer service manager in 2005, a huge accomplishment for me. A few years later, I applied and was hired to work in Publix's accounting department. Three years later, I was promoted to my current position.

The benefits are great, and I am not just talking about health insurance. The discount program has saved us money on our cell phone plans and our hotel stays. Best of all is our employee stock ownership program: it's wonderful when your company continually gives you stock. And getting a dividend check is wonderful.

But the benefits don't stop there: I've met my very best friends through Publix. And I met my husband here, too. Publix is truly a great place to work.


Kristy Sr. Business Consultant

Growing up, I loved shopping with my mom and grandma at our local Publix. The associates were always so friendly and some even took the time to learn our names. When it was time for me to get a part-time summer job, I told my parents the only place I would work was Publix. Fortunately, I was hired at the store my family loved so much and now, years later, I'm still with this wonderful company.

Over the years, I've held several different positions in both retail and support. Currently, I'm a senior business consultant in the business analysis and reporting group providing financial support to our real estate department. One of the things I love about my job is that I know where Publix is heading in the future. It's interesting to see, firsthand, where the next Publix store is going to be, the new markets we're entering, and the shopping centers we're acquiring and building.

People find it hard to believe that I've only worked for one company, but why would I leave when I'm working for the best? I love Publix for the feeling of family, the job security, and for the company ownership. During my career at Publix, I've developed lifelong friendships and most importantly, I met the man I would marry.

When I go home to visit my parents and I walk into the store where my Publix journey began, it's amazing to see some of the faces I saw when I was a child. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does. Publix is where working is a pleasure!


Leann Real Estate Manager

My career at Publix began after being a stay-at-home mom for many years. Moving to Lakeland where the Publix corporate office is located provided me an opportunity to seek employment with a well-respected company. I was familiar with Publix as a customer and appreciated the clean, customer-friendly atmosphere.

Now I am amazed at how quickly the 19 years I've been a Publix associate have passed. Having been promoted five times in my career is testimony that hard work and dedication is recognized and appreciated at Publix.

As a real estate manager, I am responsible for identifying new Publix locations for the west coast of Florida. It's very rewarding to be part of the real estate department because it is so instrumental to the company's growth and success. Early in my career, Publix was only operating in Florida. We have since expanded into Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. The expansion of our company into these markets is exciting and positions us well for future growth.

In today's economic climate, when many businesses are failing, I am grateful that 19 years ago I joined a company that provides job stability, opportunity for advancement and great benefits.

As you can probably tell from this testimonial, I am proud to be on the Publix team where I consider working a pleasure!


Lori Manager & Contracts Attorney

After completing law school and watching many of my friends frustrated by the high pressure and long hours of work at law firms, I knew that was not for me. So I looked for a company where I could have a challenging legal career, but still lead a balanced life. I found exactly that and more at Publix.

I draft and negotiate contracts for all aspects of our operations including purchasing, marketing, manufacturing, retail, information systems, facilities, and much more. I am able to work on such a wide variety of projects, that every day brings something more fascinating than the day before.

In my seven years with Publix, I have worked with some of the most passionate, hard-working, and interesting people that I have ever met. More importantly, they have become my friends, my family, and my community. The flexibility, camaraderie, and support that I have felt from both my peers and management is a true testimonial to the wonderful environment at Publix. I could not have imagined a more interesting, fun and satisfying job.


Malinda Brand Marketing Manager

After graduating from the University of South Florida, I began my job search. Being born and raised in Lakeland, I was not looking for anything too far from home and family. I hoped to not only find a job, but to start a career with a company where I would have potential to grow.

In 2005, I joined the Publix Marketing department and found exactly what I was looking for. Over the past several years, I've had the pleasure of working in several different positions within the Marketing department. I have learned new skills, contributed to a wide variety of projects and initiatives, and built lasting relationships.

Today, I'm a Brand Marketing Manager and I work with the Meals Retail Business Unit. Everyday poses exciting new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development.

And, although I love the work I do, it's the people who truly make Publix a company "where working is a pleasure."


Marcy Vice President, Human Resources

I fondly remember going to Publix every Saturday as a child with my mom. While attending graduate school in 1992, I took a summer job working for Publix in the accounting department. I never imagined the wonderful people I would meet at Publix and the bonds we would form over the years. I absolutely love being a part of the Publix family!

There are many opportunities for advancement within Publix in our retail stores and support facilities. Realizing that I had a passion for working with Publix's #1 asset (our associates), in 1994 I transferred into the human resources department. Since that time I have held various positions in human resources.

Working for Publix, a company that's owned by us (the associates) is an amazing experience as we all have a vested interest in supporting the growth of our company. We are encouraged to share our diverse thoughts and ideas as we work together to contribute to the success of this great organization by exceeding our customers' expectations.

I am grateful to the many Publix people who mentored me throughout my career. My desire is to perpetuate the Publix culture by mentoring and helping other Publix associates with their professional and personal development. My goal is to work to ensure every Publix associate knows that they are valued and appreciated. Publix truly is a great place to work!


Maria Senior Training Specialist

Little did I think when I started with Publix 16 years ago that I would be still working here. It was my first job right out of high school and my first paycheck. My goal at the time was to find a company that could provide flexible hours so I could attend college. I started as a cashier, moved up to customer service, and was then promoted to back office cashier in less than 18 months—and that was while attending college.

As I started making friends and learning more about the company, I began to realize this was more than a part-time job and that I wanted to build a career at Publix. It is a solid company that provides associate recognition, excellent benefits, a flexible schedule, good training, and—my favorite—the opportunity to grow.

I really appreciate the promote-from-within philosophy. I had the opportunity to work as a housewares clerk, health and beauty clerk, back door receiving clerk, training coordinator, district trainer, and centralized orientation facilitator. When needed I helped make floral arrangements, deli platters, and displays for our stores. It's great to be able to test your own skills and to show what you can do.

In my current position as a senior training specialist for the Miami division, it's so easy for me to train managers about what Publix is about because I am proud of my company. I feel proud to introduce myself as a Publix associate wherever I go because I always hear, "WOW, that's a great company!"


Maria Director of Media & Community Relations

Like many I began my career with Publix as a part-time summer job. At the age of 14, I had no idea about all the opportunities available to me as a Publix associate. I continued to work here through high school and then through college because of how flexible my work schedule could be. I could attend classes and continue to earn money to pay for books, car expenses, and food.

I was fortunate to have a store manager who took the time to mentor me and open my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. When I thought of Publix I thought of our stores, but he helped me realize there were many career possibilities in our corporate office.

As director of media and community relations, one of the best parts of my job is to mentor at-risk high school students. During the mentoring sessions, most of the students say they want to be doctors and lawyers when they grow up. It's always exciting to see their faces when I tell them about our risk management department and our legal team. It's part of the pleasure to tell them the endless possibilities that can come from starting work in a grocery store.

I love my job at Publix. There's no place else I can ever imagine working. We all work together to make a difference.


Merriann Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Although I only joined Publix as an attorney in 2006, I became a loyal Publix customer at a very young age. As a child, I always looked forward to my Saturday visits to Store #96 in Clearwater, FL. As a reward for good behavior, my brother, sister, and I were allowed to collectively select a dozen donuts and one piece of candy each Saturday morning. True to the Publix way, the Publix associates were always smiling, friendly and helpful—one even asked me to be a flower girl in her wedding! This comes as no surprise to me now, knowing that Publix customers consistently rate their satisfaction with us the highest in the supermarket industry. Little did I know that one day the path of my career would lead to Publix.

After graduating from law school and practicing law for four years, I was honored to have the opportunity to join the Publix family. As an attorney for Publix, I enjoy a varied practice, primarily supporting the real estate department, working on sophisticated acquisitions, liquor regulatory matters as well as negotiating/drafting leases and declarations. In the time I have been with Publix, I have had the pleasure of working beside the brightest, most supportive and hardest working people of my career. That alone makes me excited and proud to come to work every morning. All in all, I could not imagine a more interesting and satisfying job and could not be more proud to work for and be part owner of such an extraordinary company.


Michelle BAR Sr. Analyst - Distribution

I love Publix because it is a solid company, with a great appreciation for its associates and a clear vision for the future.

In 1990, I had just graduated from the University of Bucharest in Romania with a degree in biochemistry. Later that year I found myself in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with a dream, the American dream! As it turns out, Publix played an important role in helping me achieve this dream by providing me the opportunities.

During my years of employment with Publix, I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas. I worked in the stores and manufacturing plants earlier in my career, and transitioned to the business analysis and reporting (BAR) department more recently. Publix encourages its associates to work in areas that best match their strengths and experience, as well as what interests them. Through Publix's tuition reimbursement program, I was able to earn an MBA, which strengthened my qualifications and enabled me to apply for a position in BAR—a department I admired.

I have been working in BAR for about five years and the fast-paced environment and the opportunities to learn more every day are the reasons why for me, Publix is the place where my dreams came true!


Neal Art Director

The volume of in-house design work pleasantly surprised me when I started working for Publix. There are multiple areas of design that capture my interest, and the ability to seize those opportunities without having to jump from company to company is a unique and interesting experience. Every day, I'm surrounded by an incredibly talented group of individuals who enjoy the work they do, and that inspires me. Publix is the kind of company where you meet people who have spent their entire career here, and that tells me that there are plenty of opportunities to grow.

Before working for Publix, I was a designer in Manhattan working for a number of design firms on brands that we all know and love. I felt like a success when clients were happy with my work. But, then the work became theirs. As a Publix associate, that feeling of ownership does not go away and it's amplified because there is an added sense of pride that comes from being an owner in the company.

One of the things I really like about working here is participating in meetings with associates from different areas of the company. I'm always impressed by how much knowledge associates have in their fields. It gives me confidence in the long-term success of the company, and motivates me to do better design work. I always think of it as synchronized swimming. When everyone does their part — the results are stunning.

As much as I enjoy working here, I also appreciate the work-life balance I experience. I never feel as if I'm taking work home with me. I truly feel that Publix understands and respects my time, and I think that's admirable.


Sandy Manager, BAR - Retail Reporting

My career at Publix began while I was a student at the University of Florida. Like many college students, I needed a part-time job with flexibility and Publix was the perfect fit. When I started with Publix, I didn't realize the vast amount of career opportunities that would be available to me.

The summer before graduation, I continued to work part-time at Publix while also completing internships with financial planning companies. Through what I learned with the finance courses I took in college and the experience I gained during my summer internships, I found that I enjoyed financial consulting and analysis.

After graduation, my store manager printed out a job posting for a business analyst position and explained how he thought that the job seemed to be a good fit for me. He also thought that it would be a great opportunity for future growth within Publix. He was familiar with this position and department because of his interaction with the retail business analyst who was assigned to his division. Well, that store manager was right because now I am a manager of BAR - retail reporting providing financial consulting and analytical support at our corporate office.

Working at Publix is a rewarding career with a bright future. It is a company that has the utmost integrity and respect in the industry. I look forward to the continuous improvements that our company strives for and the new opportunities that we will encounter in the future. I am proud to work for a company that is focused on its customers and associates, and I have complete confidence that our leaders will continue to challenge and inspire us.


Scott Sr. Manager, Process Improvement

I began my career at Publix as an industrial engineer. Previously I had lived my entire life in New York and had no familiarity with Publix or its history, culture and values. Nonetheless Publix gave me a chance when they hired me in 2000.

Later that year I became unexpectedly and critically ill. Confined to a wheelchair, and in and out of hospitals, I missed a few months of work. With friends and family more than 1,500 miles away, life took a challenging turn for me.

That's when Publix showed me what it's all about. My department took up collections. My co-workers helped me with errands and provided dinners. While on bed rest, they even sent me "Scott's Office in a Box," a box filled with goodies, Blockbuster cards, and notes from the group. Little did I realize Publix was becoming another family to me.

Since then Publix has consistently shown its faith and trust in me and my abilities by giving me added responsibilities and frequent promotions. No doubt Publix’s leadership position in the industry, its growth potential and the challenging projects we work on are all exciting reasons to be thankful for being a member of this company. But it's the personal touch that makes this place even more special. My experience shows that Publix can take a complete outsider and adopt him as one of its own—that's why Publix will always be "A Great Place to Work!"


Sue Buyer

The variety of career opportunities at Publix is one of the great reasons for working here. I came to Publix after working for 10 years in a competitor's stores. My first job was on the production line at the deli plant.

Rather than being locked into that area, I was allowed to grow and post into other positions that interested me. Eventually I moved to the logistics department. I became a category analyst before being promoted to buyer in 2005.

Publix also encouraged and assisted me in furthering my education, another reward for working with such a great company.

Although I took a somewhat varied path to my current position, Publix afforded me the job stability that is appreciated in today's ever-changing business environment. At the same time, the retirement programs help give me a sense of security for the future as well.

The real difference for me is that working for Publix is not a job; it’s a rewarding career with a future.


Tamme Sr. Marketing Project Manager

I can't imagine my life without Publix. When I was younger, I looked forward to Saturdays when I would tag along with my grandparents to the Publix at Grove Park for their weekly shopping trip (mainly because I got to pick out a toy every time). Those special trips are memories now, but my love for grocery shopping at Publix has never waned. At the age of 16, my first job was bagging groceries for Publix in Lakeland, FL. I was quickly promoted to cashier and then to a customer service staff position. It was good to see that my store manager had faith in me and kept my career moving at a fast pace.

I worked at Publix through high school and college, not really knowing if I would stay forever. Although I understood the company values and what it could offer me, I was young and wanted to explore all of my options. When I graduated college, I continued to work for Publix as I searched for my "dream job." I ended up leaving Publix after being employed in the store for five years.

I continued to look for full-time employment and one day stumbled across an open position in the Publix Marketing department. Not only did I love marketing, but I loved the idea of working for Publix again. Knowing the company has such a great reputation, provides good benefits, and job security, I applied as quickly as I could. A few interviews later, I was a Publix associate again. And, I felt I had come home. Publix is like a family. In fact, it is my family—I met my husband working here at that very same Publix where my grandparents used to shop. Publix truly is a great place to work.


Tanya Retail Marketing Communications Manager

I began my career at Publix more than 12 years ago at the recommendation of a Publix vice president. From the very beginning, Publix has provided me with an environment filled with knowledgeable, positive, focused associates working together to help me succeed.

Publix has provided the training and resources to establish the strong skills and deep knowledge required to succeed in my role. There are role models at every level of the company, from hourly store associates to corporate managers, directors and vice presidents. All of them set the example of what excellent service means for both our internal and external customers.

Employment at Publix is about more than earning a living. It's about providing encouragement for associates to think strategically and act ethically on the company's behalf. It's about reinforcing the American work ethic, uplifting the values of my family and my community, and enabling me to strengthen my skills and knowledge in a variety of areas.

Publix allows me to work creatively to maximize my talents and strengths. It affords me the opportunity to work with talented, experienced people who make our company the great institution it is today. It enriches my life and the lives of those with whom I work by allowing us to work differently in support of a common goal.

I love working at Publix because employment here provides diversity, creativity, challenges and opportunity to a diverse group of associates focused on a common perspective.