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Associate Testimonials


Anthony Manager of Leadership Development

In the summer of 1980, I started as a part-time associate in the housewares warehouse, viewing Publix as a temporary means to a greater end. No way did I intend to become a "Publix lifer."

However, 12 years later I found myself still employed with Publix after being promoted to the position of quality improvement facilitator in the Lakeland dairy processing plant. During this period in my personal life, I didn't always make the best decisions, which resulted in a lot of emotional pain and financial distress. Luckily, at the time, I worked for a plant manager who not only cared about me as his associate but made me feel as if I was a member of his own family.

He was a hard businessman with extremely high expectations. Yet, he realized the importance of the human side of the equation as well. At the end of the each workday, he always took the time to talk to me about life outside of Publix. He knew when to question and he knew when to let me talk. Most importantly, he knew how to let me figure it out on my own.

It was during this time that I realized what this company is all about. Publix is not in the grocery business; Publix is in the business of taking care of people. That's why 33 years later I'm glad to say that I'm still employed by Publix Super Markets.


Carmen Customer Care Agent

I came to Publix twelve years ago, joining the consumer care team at our corporate headquarters. My family and I had just moved from the Bronx in New York to Lakeland.

I found a new career when I came to Publix, and a new family. I have been amazed and grateful for the support my co-workers have offered in times of need.

As a customer care agent, I read customers' emails and speak with them when they contact us with their questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints. I love helping people, and I think I have made a contribution to Publix as well as to the lives of our customers.

Due to my Hispanic heritage, I speak Spanish. That means I am able to help customers who speak English or Spanish. Every customer has a different comment. I'm surprised how many compliments our company and our associates get. In reading and talking with our customers, I find many who have relocated to the South like my family did. That makes my job interesting!


Dolly Sr. Tax Specialist

Publix is a great company. The people here give me the feeling of respect and trust. They value me as an associate and are confident that I can do my job with little or no supervision. I love working here because of them.

In addition, the competitive salaries, retirement benefits, holiday bonus, flex-time, free lunches, and job stability are exceptional. I've been with Publix for a little more than 20 years and I plan to stay here for another 20 years.