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Training is Essential

We’ll help you master the skills to make you successful.

Maintaining the Publix Culture

Publix is well known as a leader in the supermarket industry. To maintain that reputation, we work hard to train every associate on our standards for customer service, cleanliness, safety, teamwork, merchandising, waste intolerance, and a drug-free environment. This training is essential to our success and essential to helping our associates achieve their own success.

Training is provided in three venues:

  • Through on-the-job training from department experts or store managers
  • In computer training available in the store
  • At workshops with peers, held at various locations

From the Basics to the Specifics

Some training is as basic as how to use a particular knife to cut meat or in what order ingredients should be placed on bread. There are thousands of basic skills being taught in our stores each day. They are every bit as important as the more complex skills taught in offsite workshops.

Some training is more difficult, such as courses in Food Safety, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens, and Store Accounting.

And then there are the more abstract skills that we try to teach as clearly as possible, such as Exploring Leadership Styles and Mastering Effective Communication.

When associates feel they have mastered the skills in one position and want to advance to an entry-level management position or into a higher management position, they can notify the company of their interest.