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Retail Recruiters

Our Retail Staffing Specialists are researchers, strategy builders, company ambassadors and data analysts. They help our more than 1,000 stores attract applicants who have a passion for people, high standards of excellence, and availability to work retail hours.

Chris Bagnati Miami division

Chris Retail Staffing Specialist, Miami Division

Duties: Assist over 273 stores with their staffing needs to ensure we have the right people who are passionately focused on providing the outstanding service and exceptional products customers expect from a premier food quality retailer.

Started at Publix: 2001 as a part-time cashier. Promoted from within through Customer Service; most recently to Assistant Store Manager prior to my current position.

Past lives: Executive Assistant and project coordinator for companies in the relocation, banking and adult beverage industries.

Favorites: Military parent for one veteran and another currently serving, both U.S. Marine Corps. Spending time with family and friends, good coffee, road trips, and classic rock.

Hobbies: Golf, gardening, DIY projects

Best part of working for Publix: Promote from within culture, job security, unlimited opportunities, and having a work family where true bonds are made and last forever.

Best part of my role here: Ability to promote the Publix brand, our culture, benefits and the fact that it's not just a job, it's a career.

Tip for job candidates: Attitude determines your altitude. Be right, look right, have a willingness to serve our customers with sincerity and humility. Ask yourself, "How can I be a difference maker?" in the customer experience. Be genuine, and most importantly, smile!


Christina Seasonal Staffing Specialist, Company-wide

Duties: Lead the company's seasonal staffing program for stores that have significant fluctuations in sales and customer visits.

Started at Publix: 2010

Past lives: events coordinator, project manager, account director, employment branding specialist

Favorites: The show Chopped, trampolines, sweets

Hobbies: Traveling the globe, dancing and performing, home renovations

Best part of working for Publix: The people, the reputation, the community outreach initiatives; and working in an environment that encourages hard-work and passion.

Best part of my role here: Working collaboratively with a variety of Publix teams and retail leaders, and having a near-endless opportunity to learn about Publix business operations.

Tip for job candidates: Ask family and friends to review your resume and cover letter. Practice answering interview questions with them using the STAR technique (situation, task, action, result), using concrete examples of your past experiences and results.

Curt Salisbury Charlotte division

Curt Retail Staffing Specialist, Charlotte Division (South)

Duties: Support staffing our stores in the Charlotte Division

Started at Publix: 2016

Past lives: 20 years of HR experience in construction/engineering, manufacturing and transportation; extensive domestic and international human resources administration

Favorites: Meeting people, music, and witnessing simple acts of kindness

Hobbies: Enjoy all things outdoors; boat delivery captain

Best part of working for Publix: The culture

Best part of my role here: The opportunity to meet the future leaders of Publix

Tip for job candidates: Do your research on the company before you interview. Be prepared. Smile and make eye contact.

Dalton Whitelaw Jacksonville divison

Dalton Retail Staffing Specialist, Jacksonville Division

Duties: Supporting the staffing needs for over 300 stores in the Jacksonville Division, including some of our company’s highly seasonal areas. I get to work where everyone loves to come vacation, relax and have fun; The Panhandle of FL, Orlando and Hilton Head Island, SC, just to name a few.

Started at Publix: December 2009

Past lives: Grew with the company since 2009. I started as a Front Service Clerk in our stores and advanced through the Customer Service department, where I ultimately became a Customer Service Manager before transitioning into to my current role.

Favorites: The Office, cooking, bowties, and motivating associates to want to grow within our company

Hobbies: Boating, fishing, camping, learning to play new and interesting sports, exploring breweries, and collecting Publix memorabilia

Best part of working for Publix: I had the opportunity to open 10 new stores in Virginia. Our teams were able to introduce our Publix history, culture and philosophy to a group of people that have never heard of Publix. I have watched many of these new Publix associates grow into successful managers within just a few short years. Being part of our company’s history, within a new market, is an experience I would recommend to anyone!

Best part of my role here: Getting out in the community and talking about our brand and what makes us a “Great Place to Work.” Building relationships with schools, clubs and other non-profits is what I loved doing in our stores and having the freedom and ability to do more of that in this role excites me! Recruit, Hire, Promote, Retain is the name of our game!

Tip for job candidates: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” My grandparents taught me this many years ago and this rings true today. If you are set on getting a position with Publix, don’t stop until you find the position that fits you! Go in and speak with store managers, show your eagerness to want to work for our great company and please don’t ever forget to smile!


Debbie Retail Staffing Specialist, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Miami Divisions

Duties: Support staffing in Jacksonville, Lakeland, Miami Divisions

Past lives: cashier, assistant customer service manager, retail staffing specialist, retail associate relations specialist

Favorites: coffee, Blue Bloods, The Office, craft beer

Hobbies: Spending time with my husband and two dogs, traveling, fishing, spending time with my nieces and nephew

Best part of working for Publix: The people! We have the best team that is dedicated to helping others reach their goals, while achieving our own!

Best part of my role here: Helping applicants and current associates achieve their career goals!

Tip for job candidates: Be persistent and go after the career you want! Don’t settle for a “job”!

Dewayne Moore

Dewayne Retail Staffing Specialist, Atlanta Division (West)

Duties: “Boots on the Ground” in Nashville, Tennessee. Supporting Publix’s mission to be the Premier Quality Food Retailer in the World through relationship building. Internally, this role encourages our retail team with Publix’s best practices for associate recruiting and retention while, externally, the goal is to enlighten our community to the beauty of working alongside Publix to better serve our world.

Started at Publix: 2013

Past lives: Operations Manager/Trainer, teacher, musician, and student

Favorites: Campfires, Krispy-Kreme, county fairs, cruises, cards, crisp days, conversations, and all things classic

Hobbies: Enjoying time with my wife and family, performing music/singing, snowboarding, water sports, soaking up the holidays, and shared experiences.   

Best part of working for Publix: How diversity within an organization is woven into a common tapestry of strength, beauty, and purpose. I love the challenge by Mr. George that “tomorrow, Publix (and the world) will be a little better, or maybe not quite as good, depending on each of us.”  

Best part of my role here: The creativity the talent acquisition team implements to achieve Mr. George’s philosophy of guiding Publix towards a place where shopping (and working) is a pleasure!

Tip for job candidates: Think: passion and purpose. (What am I uniquely designed to do?) Think: attitude. (No “stinking thinking;” Be optimistic and encouraging.) Think: service. (How can I support the needs of another?) Be strong and confident. Be inclusive. (Remember, there is no “I” in team.) Attempt to build relational bridges. Own the role, task, or job you’re given. Finally, never give up. (Persistence prevails.)

LaTarsha Melvin Lakeland division

LaTarsha Retail Staffing Supervisor, Lakeland Division

Duties: Support the more than 275 stores in the Lakeland Division

Started at Publix: 1993

Past lives: human resources investigator, retail associate relations specialist, retail management, and personnel records supervisor

Favorites: The reality shows Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, and Bad Girls Club

Hobbies: Spending time with my daughter and grandson, couponing, and spending money I saved from couponing

Best part of working for Publix: Knowing that I work for a company with leaders who make wise enough decisions to keep Publix stable and growing strong

Best part of my role here: Knowing I had a small part in helping people reach their goals

Tip for job candidates: Remain persistent—don't give up!

Nick Collins Atlanta division

Nick Retail Staffing Specialist, Atlanta Division

Duties: Supports the more than 280 stores in the Atlanta Division

Years with Publix: 14

Past lives: retail manager, counselor supervisor, inventory manager

Favorites: The television shows Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, and Survivor

Hobbies: Movie posters, music and yes, cooking

Best part of working for Publix: Knowing I have played some role in helping our customers experience the best customer service possible.

Best part of my role here: The opportunity to interact with many links in the chain that is our company. Whether by giving an associate more information about tuition reimbursement, or working on something that affects many stores, I can have a strong impact on what I see as a shopper when I visit our stores!

Tip for job candidates: It is very important that you interview us. There is a much greater likelihood that we can match you with the right position if you spend some time asking us questions!

Voncara Daly Lakeland division

Voncara Retail Staffing Specialist, Lakeland Division

Duties: Support staffing for our stores in the Lakeland, FL Division

Started at Publix: June 2018

Past lives: retail management, territory manager, area sales and marketing manager, realtor. With Publix I’ve been a Deli Clerk at store 1174 in Ocoee, FL and a Lease Compliance Analyst on our Real Estate team.

Favorites: Office supplies, Coco Chanel perfume, randomly beautiful things, plants and flowers. 

Hobbies: Spending quality time with my fiancé, family and friends. Also, crafting, writing, estate sales and thrifting. 

Best part of working for Publix: The people! My fellow associates are some of the most caring, genuine and amazing people I’ve ever met. We’ve got premier quality food - absolutely. We’ve also got premier quality people! 

Best part of my role here: Having a fulfilling career at Publix has been a hard sought, long time dream of mine. Being in a position to now help others do the same thing is both thrilling and mind blowing! 

Tip for job candidates: Partner your passion with persistence! If a career with Publix is your goal - keep pushing towards it. Do your research, ask lots of questions and be willing to do the work.