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Job Application Center

female and Job Application Center

How to Apply Here

Here's what you can expect when using the Job Application Center, your first step towards getting a job with Publix.

Meet JAC

Short for "Job Application Center," JAC is a friend to people who want to work in our stores and can walk you through the employment application process. This kiosk features a touch-screen system, but there's also a keyboard so you can type information into the automated application.

On average, applicants spend 45 minutes with JAC—20 minutes completing the personal information section and 25 minutes completing a questionnaire. You can save time on the first section if you do your homework before you go to apply.

Some JAC Tips

  • Review the job description chart to know which positions interest you.
  • Print this JAC Time Saver, fill it out ahead of time, and you can refer to it while at the JAC.
  • You can update your application at any time, but you can’t retake the questionnaire portion for six months, so be careful when completing it.
  • You also have the option of completing the first part of the employment application on one day and returning to the store sometime within the next 6 days to complete the second part (the questionnaire).

The Face of JAC

Want to see what JAC's face looks like? See below for sample screens.

JAC communicates in English. If you have difficulty reading or writing in English, you can bring someone to help you through the application process.

Updating Your Application

Your application will remain active for 30 days. The last screen on the JAC will provide the expiration date so you can write it down. You will be contacted if managers at any of our stores want to interview you.

If you haven't been contacted by the time your application expires, you must update the application to be considered for new openings. You can update your application at any time, and you can do so at any store, not just the one where you first submitted your application. The updating process is quick. Bring your log-in name and password with you. Once you sign into the system, you have to answer a few questions and you are good for another 30 days. (You must use the exact name and password you used when you first applied.)

Any Questions?

If you have any difficulties while working with JAC, or if you have questions about working at Publix, please go to the Customer Service counter at the front of the store. The associates there can help answer your questions.