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Associate Testimonials


Allen Store Manager

In high school I knew that I wanted to work for Publix because the manager at the neighborhood store knew everyone who walked in the door. I was always so impressed with that. He hired me at 15 years old a as front service clerk—now that manager visits me at MY store.

In the early part of my career with Publix, I always thought it would be "just a job." Still I took great pride in my work, and enjoyed the competition with other young associates as we worked side by side. We would race to see who could stock shelves the fastest and the neatest. It’s great to see so many of those I raced against then are now store managers.

At Publix you can be anything that you want to be. The sky is the limit!


David Meat Manager

I started at Publix as a clean-up boy in the meat department when I was 19 years old. I knew right away that I wanted to make the meat department my living. I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was hard work, but when you love what you do it’s not work at all. I've been a Meat Manager now for 10 years, and I was right. This is where I belong!

What keeps me going is being able to train and develop other associates, being a positive influence on their careers and helping them advance at Publix. I cherish this opportunity so much. When I retire I will be able to look back and know that I helped others, like so many had helped me.

I plan to stay with Publix for a long time to come. I may even work to become an Assistant Store Manager.

Another wonderful benefit of having worked for Publix is that I met my beautiful wife here. So I thank Publix for what I have, not only in material assets but in family too.

Yes, I worked hard to get where I am today, but you have to thank a company for recognizing your potential and giving you the opportunity to grow.


Essie Deli Manager

I am a Deli Manager, and I say that with great pride. I love working at the Publix Deli. It is very challenging, and I tackle each challenge with enthusiasm. I see everything as a growing experience. You get to meet people from all walks of life and learn new things about them.

There is always something going on, whether a party for graduation, a bar mitzvah, a first communion, a baptism – for any holiday gathering, and we are there and involved. I enjoy being able to help make someone's special day.

Teamwork is so important to be successful, and we really have that here at Publix. I am proud of my co-workers and managers because we always pull together to get the job done. I love interacting with our customers. You just never know how a simple smile and a, "Hi, how are you today" can brighten someone's day. I feel that every customer I deal with leaves a little brighter than when they came in.

I love the fact that I work for a company that allows me to talk to anyone in management if I have a problem. Publix has boundless opportunities for anyone who puts forth the effort. You can go as far as you want with our Company. My name is Essie and I LOVE PUBLIX.

Luz Deli Clerk

My decision to join Publix was easy. I had known the people who worked here from having shopped at Publix. The team seemed very concerned for customers and at the same time displayed an attitude of enjoying what they were doing. I also knew that Publix had great opportunities for growth. Even so, I was surprised that the entire management team at my store was so glad to work with me and other associates when we needed assistance.

I’m in my first year with Publix, but my goal is to someday go into management; perhaps eventually even as store manager. In the meantime, I love what I do now because I enjoy assisting customers with the finest customer service available in the prepared foods industry.

I also am excited about what I learn from my co-workers, though I had already learned a lot about food and cooking from my mother and husband. Being one of the oldest of 13 children growing up, I helped, learned, and eventually prepared some of the meals for my family. I then married a chef, and for 29 years learned the trade—and many delicious recipes—from him.

I hope Publix continues to expand the prepared foods setting for our customers in the future. I’m glad to be part of the first store to try this concept in a big way.


Paul District Manager

I came to work for Publix in 1980 because of its reputation as a great place to work. I continue to stay for the same reason. I started as a bagboy, or what we now call a front service clerk. I worked in several hourly positions throughout the store before being promoted to second assistant manager, assistant store manager and, in 1992, to store manager. I was promoted to district manager in 1999.

My future with Publix is a very bright one. I really appreciate that I'm with a great organization that's solid as a rock and continues to outpace industry norms as far as sales, profits, and store growth are concerned.

We probably could make even more money if the company wasn't so open and honest in its business practices, but that would only hurt us in the long term. Publix has never taken a shortsighted approach. We've always tried to do what's best for customers, vendors, and associates.

I love this industry because of the job security. It's practically recession-proof because everyone has to eat. What I love most is working with Publix people. I thoroughly enjoy seeing associates achieve the goals they set out to achieve, knowing that you played a part in helping them reach those goals.

Never forget where you came from, but always know where you're going!


Pete Store Manager

I began my Publix career in 1984 as a bag boy. What I noticed right off was the way managers cared for their associates. It was like we all had a second family.

I was able to witness this first hand. In 1994, my first child was born with four major heart defects. He was so ill that we had to take him to Boston for nine weeks. I was an assistant store manager at the time, so I of course was concerned about the time I would be away. My store manager and my district manager were so supportive. They never asked me when I was coming back to work. Their only concern was that I was there for my family.

I was also concerned financially since I was gone from work for such a long period of time. Again, Publix came through. An account was started for my son and more than $4,000 was raised by Publix associates, some of whom I had never met. To this day, I still have associates ask how my son is doing.

Publix is and always will be a great place to work because of its associates.


Tana Regional Director

I came to Publix in 1988 just looking for a part-time job. I did not know all of the opportunities Publix offered until my store manager invested his time speaking with me about my potential future with this company. Just two years later I found myself I a position that helped me to move into a management role.

The one thing I noticed from the beginning was the camaraderie among all of the associates within my store. From the store manager to the front service clerk, there was a sense of trust, appreciation, and value. I quickly realized, Publix was so much more than a grocery store, it was a company that invited their associates into a family. A company that fosters a fertile learning environment where associates are included in decisions being made and empowered to make them. An environment of mentorship, gratitude, integrity, and respect for all others.

Publix has great leadership that coaches, mentors, and genuinely cares for those around them, while providing all the tools necessary for success. I just took advantage of the tools provided to me and applied myself every day. I never envisioned all those years ago as a cashier, that I would one day be a Regional Director. Now I have the opportunity to pass on the same core values that someone took the time to pass on to me, to those I serve and influence daily.

I love working with the people and look forward to serving the associates at Publix for years to come.


Yolanda Assistant Customer Service Manager

I love working at Publix because this is my second family. It makes me proud when people ask me where I work. I proudly say, "I work for Publix." One of the reasons I'm glad that I was chosen to join the Publix family is because employees own the company, so it’s like working for myself. You go the extra mile because you’re part of something special. That is what makes Publix different from other employers.

Publix has a very positive influence on the communities we serve. For instance, I remember when Hurricane Jeanne hit Polk County. The power was out for up to four days in parts of Winter Haven. The neighborhood Publix provided fried chicken so that people could have a hot meal. It’s things like that that make me proud to be part of the Publix family.