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Pharmacy Recruiters

Our Pharmacy recruiting team helps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are devoted to patients’ wellness find fulfilling careers at Publix.

How to Apply

Linnea Murphy

Linnea Pharmacy Recruiting Specialist

Critical pharmacy openings

Duties: Partner with schools to help place pharmacy technician students in an externship environment. Support recruiting programs and strategies to hire pharmacy professionals.

Started at Publix: 2006

Past lives: HR supervisor of employment and personnel records, regional recruiter, regional staffing account manager, benefits administrator, teacher

Favorites: Traveling, golf, spending time with friends and family

Hobbies: Cooking, golf, community festivals, travel

Best part of working for Publix: It doesn't matter where I go, I always hear how much people love Publix. Everyone has their own story to share but it's awesome to be able to take pride in the company I work for and be reaffirmed of it every day!

Best part of my role here: Working in this department, where everyone is truly committed to excellence in every way. From hiring and retaining the right people, to reaching out and building relationships and partnerships in our communities, to being on the cutting edge of technology.

Tip for job candidates: Be available and flexible; you never know where a great career opportunity will take you. Don't forget to follow up about the job you've interviewed for. Be friendly and professional because Publix customer service and industry standards are high—our reputation was built on them!

Sherri Gordon

Sherri Pharmacy Recruiter

Duties: Oversee the recruiting programs, processes, and strategies for student pharmacists and seasoned pharmacy professionals.

Started at Publix: 2011

Past lives: retail management, retail recruiter, regional HR trainer, area recruiting manager

Favorites: Motherhood, family, the beach, and sunsets

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, eBay, traveling, snow skiing, and being involved in the community

Best part of working for Publix: Working for one of Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For"—and it really is! Reading the employee testimonials at brings appreciation to a whole new level! Having friends and family, as well as complete strangers, tell me how much they love Publix puts a smile on my face every time!

Best part of my role here: Working with pharmacy field professionals brings meaning to my position as pharmacy recruiter for Publix. I enjoy placing the right person in the right position, who in turn makes such a huge impact on the communities in which they serve! When the right candidate is placed in one of our Pharmacies, their role as a healthcare professional has a huge impact on our customers' livelihoods. This example truly embodies "where shopping is a pleasure."

Tip for job candidates: 1) Spell check and proofread! Making a positive first impression is very valuable; use those tools. 2) Never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank-you card!