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Site Submission Forms

Please complete the following forms to submit your site for consideration.
Real Estate Questionnaire
Residential Status Report
Please note: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are required to view and/or edit these files.

Real Estate Strategy

Publix Real Estate - Site SubmissionWithin our geographic footprint there are nine regions, each managed by a team including a Real Estate Manager and Real Estate Specialist. These teams are responsible for deploying the strategy for their respective regions. This is accomplished through a distinct combination of prototype, occupancy type, and development type. One of our competitive advantages is our ability to fit into the community in which we locate with the proper scale, prototype, and development type to meet our customers' needs. We are passionately focused on creating and perpetuating the shopping experience our customers have enjoyed for more than 90 years and helps us live up to our slogan: Where shopping is a pleasure.

Submitting a Site

A lot of effort goes into developing a Publix store, and our teams are here to help you through this process. The following outline will help guide you through the first steps for submitting a site.

1. The following information is required before we can consider a site:

  • Location (quadrant, intersection, city, county, state)
  • Proof of Control
  • Zoning
  • Trade area map showing site, competition, existing Publix stores and distance from site to other stores
  • Demographics - 1, 2, and 3 mile radius

To view the current Publix prototypes, please visit the Publix Design Department page.

2. Using the region map below, locate the Real Estate Manager contact for the location you propose.

John Harmon
(863) 499-8496
Sarah S. Wright
(863) 499-8476
Mary Dobbins
(863) 499-8495
Jon Adams
(863) 499-8510
David Parry
(863) 616-5688
Jessica Althoff
(863) 499-8481
Austin Stone
(863) 616-5787
Michael Leake
(863) 284-5525
Heather Barnes
(863) 413-8131
Eva Branning
(863) 619-4230


3. Submit documentation to the appropriate area Real Estate Manager noted above at the following address:

(by U.S.P.S.-1st class mail)

Real Estate Department
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
PO Box 407
Lakeland, FL 33802