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Property Management-Real Estate Assets

The Publix Real Estate Assets Team is responsible for overseeing the Real Estate Portfolio for Publix Super Markets Inc. throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. This includes leasing and property management for company-controlled centers as well as acquisition of new development locations, acquisition of existing Publix-anchored shopping centers, disposition of excess space, and the fee development program for new developments and redevelopment of existing Publix-controlled shopping centers. While the team's focus is primarily on company-controlled real estate, the Real Estate Assets Team also handles lease administration and compliance for all leases (tenant and Publix). Publix currently controls over 419 stores and shopping centers.

Dalton Yelvington
(863) 499-8490
Allison Leahy
(863) 284-5517
Hannah Bartz
(770) 952-6601, x31664
Nicole Ash
(863) 499-8571
Abigail Kelly
(863) 619-4228
Lauren Quinn
(863) 499-8489
Kelly Sikes
(863) 499-8544
Lori Gregory
(863) 499-8549
Heather Hill
(863) 616-5789
D'Angelo Gideon
(863) 616-5785
Ben Curcio
(770) 952-6601, x31660
Malory Dentmon
(863) 680-5265
Steven Watkins
(863) 680-5275
TammiLee White
(863) 619-4229
Taylor Grant
(770) 952-6601, x31729
Marissa Silk
(863) 619-4240
Whitney Dortch
(863) 619-4237
Megan Carter
(770) 952-6601, x31647
Memory Rawls
(863) 619-4252