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Retail Product Supplier

Publix strives to meet the needs of our customers better than our competition. Offering our customers the right variety of products is an important key to our success. Our Corporate Purchasing department evaluates each item presented to determine whether or not it should be added to our mix. If an item is selected, the company is contacted and set up as a Publix supplier.

Becoming a Retail Product Supplier

Any company interested in becoming a retail product supplier should follow these steps to present its item to Publix.*

Step 1
Use the contact lists below to identify the Corporate Purchasing Buyer responsible for managing the product category of the product(s) being presented. Buyers are the key point of contact for suppliers at Publix. All communication should be directed to the Buyer.

  • Grocery & Non-Foods Contact List - This includes contacts for DSD Grocery, Dry Grocery, Dairy, Frozen Food, General Merchandise, and Non-Food Consumables.
  • Fresh Product Contact List - This includes contacts for Fresh products, such as Bakery, Deli, Floral, Meat, Meals (Aprons), Produce, and Seafood.

Step 2
Complete the Appointment Request Form. This form is required for all appointments and must be requested at least two weeks in advance.

Step 3
Submit a completed Publix Item Data Form, a completed Bio-Terrorism Act - Product Sample Form and the product samples. Include the product cost in the Comments field on the Publix Item Data form and any additional information the Buyer should know about the product(s) during the initial evaluation. This information may be dropped off with the receptionist at our Corporate Office or may be mailed to the appropriate Buyer. Please be sure to clearly label your package with the Buyer's name so the information is sure to get to the appropriate individual.

The Buyer or the Buyer's administrative associate will contact the supplier regarding the information presented.

* Optional – Publix buyers also utilize RangeMe for new product discovery. If your products are on RangeMe, our buyers have access to it. If you would like Publix to become aware of your products prior to completing the forms above, you can submit at