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Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing is responsible for procuring industrial equipment, parts and services for equipment, building, landscape or utilities for our Manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and/or office buildings. We depend on our suppliers to provide the reliable equipment and expedient services our support operations require. We expect relationships with our suppliers to be based on professionalism, high ethical standards, and consistent and open communication.

Industrial Equipment, Parts or Services Categories

Review the categories listed below to gain insight into the types of equipment, parts, and services needed to support our industrial operations and office buildings.

  • Architecture and Engineering for Industrial Projects
  • Cooling, Freezing, Material Handling and Storage
  • Electrical Parts and Supplies
  • General Contractors for Industrial Projects
  • Industrial HVAC
  • Maintenance/Repair/Operations (MRO)
  • Manufacturing Equipment and Parts
  • Warehouse and Distribution Equipment and Parts

Becoming a Potential Supplier

If you're interested in becoming a potential industrial equipment, parts or services supplier for Publix, please complete this Supplier Registration Questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is submitted, the Publix Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing procurement team will contact your company with any questions.

Completing this Supplier Registration Questionnaire does not constitute acceptance to the Publix Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing active listing. If chosen for consideration, the Publix Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing procurement team will contact your company and begin next steps.

Procurement Schedule

Within the context of Publix's buying structure, Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing works on a specific procurement calendar that includes category reviews, sourcing events, and other procurement initiatives. These specific categories and related items are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated based on that schedule. When Publix identifies a category for review, Manufacturing/Supply Purchasing contacts relevant major suppliers that have registered with them for participation. Your information will be kept on file for future reference.