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Presto! ATM Network Membership FAQ

The Presto! Network is a debit network owned and operated by Publix Super Markets, Inc. We are a unique network in that the only merchant we process for is Publix. Publix is well known for their commitment to premier service, and Presto! gives your cardholders this same service at over 1,271 ATMs throughout the southeastern United States.

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What is the advantage to Presto! Network membership?
How do I become a member of the Presto! Network?
What processor connections does Presto! have?
How is settlement handled?
Who are we able to use as a correspondent institution?
Are we able to charge foreign fees for Presto! ATM use by our members?
Do the Presto! ATMs accept deposits?
Where are Presto! ATMs located?
Are there any withdrawal limitations at Presto! ATMs?
What type of marketing support is available to us if we join the Presto! Network?
We take security very seriously, and we are concerned about skimming activities. How secure are Presto! ATMs?