Manufacturing Production Planner

Publix Associate

Manufacturing Production Planners optimize warehouse space and production line resources to make sure Publix satisfies customers' demand for its wide variety of bakery, dairy, and deli selections.

How to Apply


Manufacturing Production Planners create schedules for the production lines in Publix manufacturing plants. Working with production management to determine appropriate production days and times, Production Planners consider many factors such as equipment specifications, product allergens and raw material availability. They also decide how much inventory to keep on hand to limit changeovers and sanitation cleanings in the production areas. Continually striving to improve efficiency, the Planners participate in weekly meetings with plant production managers and the Manufacturing Production Manager to identify opportunities.

The Manufacturing Production Planners also must forecast how many products our manufacturing plants will need to make to fulfill weekly demand from our stores. The Planners look at variations on requirements such as store promotions, price reductions, seasonal demands, holidays, and weather disasters. They use this information to analyze trends and plan for future store orders. The computer software SAP is used by the Manufacturing Production Planners to view material movements, quantities on order, and the current balance on hand to ensure materials needed by the manufacturing plants are available. Furthermore, the Manufacturing Production Planners use SAP to create daily stock transport orders to ship materials between manufacturing plants and warehouses. They also create orders to receive Publix manufactured product into Publix warehouses and plants.

From time to time, the Manufacturing Production Planners provide support for special projects within the department by completing special assignments, performing vendor review surveys, and providing historical and future projections of material movements using SAP.

Qualifications we look for

  • Bachelor's Degree in an analytical field
  • Experience in manufacturing, production management, production planning, or supporting Publix's manufacturing production planning process
  • American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) certification
  • Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
  • Computer skills using Microsoft Office and SAP
  • Knowledge of SAP forecasting, planning, production scheduling, and shipping functionality and processes
  • Knowledge of the master data that drives the forecasting, planning, production scheduling, and shipping functionality in SAP
  • Knowledge of forecasting and planning principles
  • Knowledge of inventory management principles
  • Knowledge of production scheduling principles
  • Knowledge of mathematics and statistical data analysis
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Obvious enthusiasm, initiative, and pride in work

How to apply

For Manufacturing positions, other than entry level, please go to the Publix Jobs Center to see our current openings. Click "YES" or "NO" to the question, "Are you an active Publix associate?" Then narrow your search by choosing Manufacturing within the Functional Area selection box.

When you apply, your information will be sent directly to the appropriate hiring manager. If your skills and experience seem to match the qualifications of the position that interests you, you will be contacted for an interview and possibly for testing customized to that position.

For entry level Manufacturing positions, please refer to the employment agency, Adecco. Go to and click "Apply Now" in the top right hand corner to load your resume. You may indicated that you would prefer to be assigned to Industrial and Manufacturing type positions with Publix Super Markets, Inc. After working at least 90 days as a temporary associate you may be eligible to apply for a full time position, if available.

If you have any questions about our application process, please call our Employment Office in

  • Lakeland at (863) 688-7407, ext. 32504 or
  • Atlanta at (770) 995-0073, ext. 2153.